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Denise Denton harvest water heater warranty 6 "scrap of paper"

    Liu, who lives east of the river area Fumin aunt, 5 years ago bought a Denise Denton water heater. Just last night, went for her turn to go home and found a leaking water heater, whole house water over the floor. Originally thought that the commitment by the warranty, you can repair water heaters. Who become like, the original commitment to really become a dead letter.

    Warranty empty paper promises.

    Liu aunt, ratchet tie dowm said that after leaking water heater, she quickly and Denise Denton sale contact water heater. Aftermarket told her inner bad because of water leakage, if Liu aunt in need of repair, they must pay maintenance costs. Liu aunt wondered, saying that their water heater has not exceeded the warranty period, why should we pay the maintenance fee.booster cables Sale that they have no way to find manufacturers Liu aunt consultations. Also call the phone manufacturer, manufacturers replied that when the dealer is to boost sales, only 6 years warranty. Now they can only 3-year warranty, so if you want to repair the two half of the costs of the dig to be responsible for his aunt Liu 400. Or to remove water heater down,battery clip return the factory for repair, but the cost of mailing by Liu aunt themselves. Liu asked the angry aunt, had promised the warranty 6 years, why it is not yet 6 years, the warranty becomes a dead letter.

    400 is replaced with new machines.

    Liu aunt and leaking into the water heater has blocked, bathtub, shower curtain above the traces still remained leaky.tow rope Aunt Liu said the water heater was in May 2005, she purchased a business group. Undertook the warranty 6 years. To prove his words, deliberately took out the invoices and service cards. Evident in the service card marked with the liner warranty 6 years, the overall one year warranty.

    Why the earlier promise, the manufacturers do not break an appointment? Denise Denton reporter contacted Denise Denton Electric water heater (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd.. National service hotline of the company in charge of a Japanese surname explains that there is no way to repair aftermarket unit. Replace only with the interior, you need to return it to Auntie Liu. Asked his, why should bear the maintenance costs, if consumers own entry, why do you need aftermarket unit? The person in charge is to avoid answering. Expressed the need to understand the situation to reply to reporters. 10 minutes, the company responsible for sales of Luojing Li replied, Liu aunt purchased water heater, the old model of their factory, and now they have no factory this product. The reason to pay 400 yuan Liu aunt again is not the maintenance costs, but the replacement of a new water heater of the post. And commitment, they will send after-sales unit, to Auntie Lau Lau aunt the replacement of a new water heater.

    Subsidizing replacement of unfair.

    Solutions for manufacturers, home appliance repair industry association, said the Secretary-General Liu Congwen, water heater under normal circumstances, the use of 5-6 years should be no problem, the reason for high rate of complaints, the main problem is its product design unreasonable. Liner failure during the warranty period, the enterprise to provide timely maintenance and no parts, they require consumers to subsidize replacement of other types of products, which is unfair to consumers. The official suggested that consumers buy electric water heater, do not be business "lifetime warranty" so blinded by false promises, as stated in the warranty card, warranty time, while retaining products, credit card, warranty card for future rights leave evidence.

    Corporate commitment can not be empty.

    Electric water heaters in several shopping malls reporter looked at the counter and found a number of interior items like "titanium liner", "stainless steel liner," "enamel interior," "steel enamel interior," "within the porcelain guts "and many other names, as people get confused. According to reports, the interior of the said Act is different from the inner commitment are not the same warranty period, from 1 to 20 years.

    In response to this phenomenon, public opinion, Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences in China by the social psychologist, said the king, the merchant is a basic responsibility to fulfill commitments and obligations, commitments become a dead letter, it also proves the credibility of the enterprise. Lose the trust of the consumer business, will only lose more consumers, brought to the enterprise is devastating.

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