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Focus on user needs to create a digital home service model Changhong

    "You look at the TV is it? Phone is used to fight it?

     Home is to live it? "Recently, Changhong" digital home / Intelligent Community "Seminar on Technology and demand held in Mianyang, the participants of the consumer representatives who met with experts in the field when the three issues thrown, surprised a moment, but after reading a on digital home video, ratchet tie dowm doubts Dunxiao, have lamented, "is subversive, original life can be so ... ..."

    Along with the advancement of triple play, digital home and smart community is becoming the hot spots, how to further tap the real needs of consumers, and better meet the real needs of customers? Changhong "Century City"booster cables digital home, based on the implementation of applications, from requirements definition Changhong new digital home, and then create a new service model to explore the answer. Housing and Urban Affairs "building and residential application of digital technology" standards that the Office Director Zhang Yonggang, Changhong is a new model of digital home services, the highlight of triple play pilot, demonstration of national significance.

   battery clip From the requirements definition "digital home."

    Consumer representatives Liu Fang is a housewife, referring to the digital home, the "very amateur" is "to pay water and electricity charges, anti-thief, use less power points" and "trivial.tow rope " However, Changhong "digital home" project manager Zhao Shi-only view, the consumers are "very cute, Sanda among encompasses almost the entire contents of the digital home."

    As consumer electronics manufacturers, Changhong in the "digital home" field has unique advantages, namely, the modern home and the consumer has a deep knowledge and understanding, from the beginning involved in "digital home", the rainbow is very focused on the research needs of users arrested key user needs to live.

    "The needs of users to help us describe more accurately the digital home," Zhao Shi was told reporters that the needs of users concentrated in the operation, information exchange, security, entertainment and other four, these requirements help to redefine the digital home, "to achieve intelligent home life and community experience, according to people's needs for remote and automatic control. "

    Based on this, Changhong in key technology and equipment research and development, made a series of leading a major breakthrough. Among them, the key technology, an intelligent TV Changhong Xuanyuan platform as the core, has been part of the application of smart TV; in key equipment, have developed a smart home system, home intelligent terminals, physical sense of the remote control, PLC module.

    Changhong also integrated logistics networking technology, with sensors in the home gateway and the gateway function between the child nodes, data exchange via the wireless network and the gateway to the data collected, by sending the carrier's data network to handle family business platform . Number of things for the family home not only to provide intelligence services, but also according to the application of the family, cut off or reduce the remote standby, "the daily energy consumption to reduce energy consumption 10-20%", and then for home security, lighting, vehicle control of intelligent management.

    Zhao Shi was revealed late last year, Changhong digital home technology team, Changhong home company and the Horizon Research Consultancy Group to set up a "universal e home" team, to create Changhong characteristics of the "digital home / Intelligent Community" provides system solutions. The team will publish the next "universal e home" index of concern about demand for home users, the degree of concern for the digital home, in-depth insight into the needs of users.

    Professor Li Lin, general manager of Singapore's new electronic Changhong very positive approach, and recommended user interface design, maximize the use of mobile terminals, the one-click visualization.

    New service model to create intelligent life.

    Changhong, "Century City" have felt the things the owners Wu Min digital home to the new changes in life: one bath home alone Wu Min, suddenly heard a rapid alarm, ran out of the bathroom and saw on the gas stove flame sprang, provoke burning a wiping cloth.

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