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the transformation of fire protection systems.



    Less than one month of down time and space constraints of existing plant is in the project by ABB the biggest challenge. We will show this challenge into our value-added products, booster cables professional experience and opportunity management system. Within the time we succeeded in providing customers with the most efficient power generation system solutions, and minimizing the construction impact the normal operation of the customer.

    In addition,battery clip the project, we also face many other challenges, such as demolition of the existing isolated phase bus (IPB), and in order to ensure that the project completed on time, cooperation with third parties.

    Outstanding results.

    Design period, tow rope we anticipate the demolition of the existing risk of isolated phase bus. According to our risk assessment and quality control processes, we have developed contingency plans to address these issues.ratchet tie dowm In order to control quality, we use special tools and operational procedures. In the choice of generator circuit breakers, we have chosen a grounding switch, CT and VT motor circuit breakers, reducing installation and commissioning time.

    As a general contractor for the project, ABB needs and civil engineering, mechanical, electrical contractors and plant operators to cooperate. Successful project management allows us to close with the cooperation of these contractors to ensure the project schedule. At the same time, our clear and effective communication between customers, to ensure that our customers can design a complete customized solutions.

    ABB (China) Co., Ltd. Tan, head of power systems of good management (DanielAssandri) said: "We are good local business capacity, and CEM trust in us, ABB and the CEM is to establish friendly and long-term relationship a key factor. We are very pleased to cooperate with the CEM, Macao meet the growing demand for electricity. "

    The transformer in the demolition of the old platform for the generator circuit breaker replacement 4.5m high steel high-profile, we also transformed the fire protection systems. After transformation of the protection devices, control systems and fire protection systems, central remote control system and synchronized with ABBsyn5301 be re-installed in the CCB panel 110kV power substation.

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