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China's Eleventh Five-Year Review of Industrial Vehicles Industry Outlook second five

    China Construction Machinery Association Industrial Vehicles Branch of the Secretary-General Zhang Jie: Review of Eleventh Five-Year Outlook twelve five.

    China's industrial vehicle industry after 50 years of development, especially since the beginning of this century, growing rapidly into a "golden development period" significantly improved the development environment, the rapid growth of production scale, product type, the initial changes occur, the product significantly improved the stability of quality of service is improving. 10 years sales of 25,603 units in 2001 soared to 232,409 units in 2010 to realize the huge leap in production and sales. 2010 is the "Eleventh Five-Year" last year, creating a full-year sales of 232,409 units, domestic sales of 193,531 units of the historical record, but the Chinese market has sold more than a quarter of total sales in the world. At present, China has become the world's industrial vehicle manufacturing and sales of power,ratchet tie dowm especially after 2009, China has become the world's largest producer of industrial vehicles and the sales market, rapidly rising international status.

    According to the "Eleventh Five-Year" status during the development of the industry can be summarized as follows:

    (A) of the industry growth rate significantly, better than expected domestic market, exports yielded fruitful results.

    Five years, China's industrial vehicle industry in addition to the financial crisis in 2009 have maintained outside the double-digit growth. Overall, sales of 232,409 units in 2010 was 78,709 units in 2005 to 3 times the average annual growth rate of 5 to 25%.

    The domestic market to benefit from the country's rapid and stable environment for economic development, 06, 07 growth rate of more than 25% in 2008, 2009 global financial crisis, Europe, Japan and other countries have more than 50% of the fall The Chinese market remained at 2007 levels in 2010 after two years of silence, the market finally broke out throughout the year to achieve the high growth of 68.34%, far beyond expectations, the domestic market of the world and Asia, increasingly the proportion of total sales higher.

    "Eleventh Five-Year" period, China's industrial products as the global vehicle development process of economic integration, to meet the growing needs of the domestic market, while in exports achieved fruitful results in recent years. 2004 to 2007, exports of powered industrial vehicles are more than 60% annual growth, 2008, 09 years due to financial crisis, major exporters hit Europe and the United States economy, significantly reduce the world's total orders, so for many years in the high export After the sharp decline in growth, especially in 2009, the world's slow economic recovery, making the export volume dropped to 2006 levels. 2010 demand growth in developing countries, developed countries gradually restore the economic situation, China's industrial exports to recover the vehicle back to pre-crisis level of 2007. Years of powered industrial vehicle exports in 2000 from less than 2,500 units in 2010 to nearly 5 million units, an increase of nearly 20 times. Exports in 2010 was 16,462 units in 2005 to 2.86 times. More than 30 major export manufacturers, export to 176 countries. The rapid growth of exports from the high cost of Chinese products and product performance, quality improvement, more and more domestic enterprises to go out strong to open up market confidence and effort.

    (B) domestic and foreign enterprises have entered the market more competitive.

    At present, industrial vehicles, more than 100 domestic enterprises, foreign capital has more than 18 enterprises have entered the factory and set up sales companies in China. In the past 5 years, due to the rapid development of the Chinese market, attracting foreign industry giants and the strength of the domestic construction machinery enterprises, such as auto companies have joined. Their R & D, innovation, capital investment, production equipment, the scale has good strength, these enterprises to join, on the one hand makes the competition further intensified, on the other hand to accelerate the development of the industry business model changes, raise the overall competitiveness of the process .

    (C) progressively expand the product mix, the overall level is improved.

    "During" the overall development of China's rapid industrial vehicles five years, which gradually made non-powered industrial vehicles, the manufacturing share of 80% of the world, become the most competitive production base. Powered industrial vehicles in the past few forklift production of large tonnage, port equipment, electric forklift, warehouse forklift These areas also have more and more domestic enterprises to join the R & D and production. Some domestic large and medium industrial vehicle manufacturers is based on the original product, to develop high technology products made vacant and occupied by low-end products from the market level, has successfully entered the mid-market. Construction of China's own brand five years achieved remarkable results in 2010, sales of motor vehicles in industrial sales of own-brand cars accounted for 85% of the total, the capacity to meet increasing user demand. With the upgrading of industry concentration, dominant business has grown, there are four companies to enter the world top twenty manufacturers.

    (D) of the host and supporting technology breakthroughs in some enterprises have become the subject of innovation.

    "Eleventh Five-Year" period, in the countries to introduce, digest, absorb and re-innovation strategy under the guidance of the vehicle industry, China's industrial enterprises to technological innovation and increasing emphasis on reserves, a large investment in technology innovation enterprises increased year by year, the new products continue to emerge, emphasis on new technologies and new technology applications, enterprise applications significantly increased the number of patents, industry standards are moving closer to world standards. Part of the special fittings technical level, production capacity and further enhanced, is gradually narrowing the gap with the world advanced level.

    (E) mid-funded enterprises increased market share, foreign capital still holds an absolute advantage in the high end.

    In recent years, the gradual development and expansion of domestic enterprises, and in technology, quality, management, service and achieved significant progress, foreign-funded enterprises in China accounted for, the high-end market has changed the situation, success in the domestic mid-market companies. At the same time, given China's actual conditions on the demand for industrial vehicles, international brands are also taking a variety of ways to increase market share, and some products suitable for the China launch, and some acquisitions of domestic enterprises forklift type of product to add.

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