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UPS with isolation transformer reduces the voltage output of zero to

    Users to install some of the load (such as HP minicomputers, IBM servers, etc.), UPS will have a higher output voltage of zero to request, under normal circumstances requires <1V.

    But in the actual installation and start debugging the project found, UPS did not boot to measure the output voltage also meet the requirements of zero, the boot after power measured UPS output voltage of zero to rise, there may be zero in the voltage range beyond the requirements of . The reason to the following two points:

    1) The user's own distribution system is mainly the zero line when the row size is too small, the zero line of the current line relative to ground zero will cause a certain voltage difference, so that the input of the UPS, ratchet tie dowm zero ground voltage will rise and reach the equipment requirements;

    2) UPS is a switching power supply, the input and output are fitted with EMI suppression circuit, due to the presence of inductance and capacitance will be made? Output of the zero line and the input voltage difference between the zero line, resulting in the output line and ground zero voltage difference between.

    To effectively reduce the output voltage of zero to ensure the load can boot up normally, the usual practice is to install isolation transformers with ways to isolate input and output electrical connection between the transformer secondary side shorted to ground zero, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing ground voltage of zero. For small and medium-power UPS, generally use the output of its installed output isolation transformer; for the three-three high-power UPS, commonly used in the installation of bypass bypass input isolation transformer.

    Installation of single-phase output isolation transformer connection method shown in Figure 1. Three-phase bypass input isolation transformer installed the connection method shown in Figure 2.

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