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Intelligent substation will become a new growth point of video surveillance

    Smart Grid in the "Eleventh Five-Year" began to start, but as a national "five-second" period of focus is to promote the implementation.

    December 2010, the domestic first to achieve things technology and control technology of High Voltage Power Grid's first fully integrated national smart new 220 kV substation - Substation Wuxi West Jing completed and put into operation, "unmanned" smart officially entered the utility substation stage. Said to cost 2 billion to build the WUXI Intelligent Substation much media attention, Wuxi Power Supply Company at a press conference claimed that the use of things Western Jing substation technology, a sensor control network, laid the flooding, smoke, temperature Wet flu sensor 385, configured with 55 high-definition camera and 2 sets of infrared thermal imaging devices and facilities such as sound and light alarm, the traditional sense of the substation equipment, "activation" to achieve self-perception, discrimination and decision-making, in order to achieve automatic control.

    In addition, ratchet tie dowm the Wuxi West Jing-line monitoring substation related equipment, auxiliary systems and substation automation intelligent transport systems and other advanced features of advanced applications, creating the first of many intelligent substation construction: the first time in the domestic large-scale, multi-parameter on-line monitoring system The back-office integration and remote applications; of things the first time using technology to build sensor control network; the first time the station's range of large-scale all-optical current transformer; the first time established conventional digital metering system with online measurement system contrast verification system.

    Intelligent Substation bright future.

    Smart as a national power grid 46 pilot in the first substation 220 kV substation, Wuxi, Jing West Substation of great significance. Particularly within the set of digital and conventional measurement the two systems can be verified online comparison provides a basis for the theory. As security applications, Wuxi successful operation of the substation intelligence for the security market has brought a new opportunity.

    It said the power company in Wuxi, west Jing investment than conventional substation substation about 5% higher, but the promotion of intelligent substation mature, its cost will be lower than conventional substation, the application prospect is very broad. It is understood that a large-scale use of the West Substation Jing small, small footprint, the combination of electrical equipment, and optimize the layout, the area of ??standardization of design and construction area and significantly reduced compared with the size of the program. Through multiple network communications and information technology application, a significant reduction in control of the amount of cables and communication cables; by local arrangement, saving 44% of secondary equipment room and full-screen digital cable station 30% of the material, coupled with intelligent differences between stations and regular stations, equivalent to nearly 15 tonnes less copper; a "green light" program, configure LED energy saving lamps to conserve electricity than the same size of 31.6% substation; a smart ventilation system, all stations can save electricity load 25 kW.

    Intelligent video surveillance substation will be the new growth point.

    National Grid has a promotion of intelligent substation. Currently there are 46 doing pilot Intelligent Substation, the next step is expected to promote larger scale in the country. It is understood that, walking in the forefront of smart grid construction in Jiangsu, in the Intelligent Substation Substation Jing West has not stood out. November 26, 2010, Yixing City, Smart's first 220 kV substation - 220 kV Guanghui changed after careful preparation through pre-construction has officially started.

    The 220 kV change the site located in Yixing Guanghui miles card, is located in Yixing City Economic Development Zone, the State Grid Corporation Intelligent Substation second batch of pilot projects. It is understood that the substation in accordance with the State Grid Corporation to build a unified strategy for the development of smart grid, will be cautious with all-fiber active, real-time diagnostics, digital processing technology, strive to reflect the direction of technical development of intelligent substations. The substation a plan in December 2011 put into operation. In the future, there will be more intelligent substation project put into operation, and related video monitoring products and related facilities will be further development.

    Intelligent Substation power monitoring and promoting a new direction.

    Intelligent Substation digital substation upgrade and development.

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