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Sumitomo Electric will be set up in Changzhou superhard cutting tool production base


   Sumitomo Electric Industries and Sumitomo Electric Carbide announced the establishment of Changzhou City in Jiangsu Province, carbide drill bit and the production of sintered diamond tool base - Sumitomo Electric Carbide (Changzhou) Company (hereinafter referred to SHMC). April 5, 2011 WIZ has signed an agreement to establish SHMC.

   In China, India, Brazil and Russia and other emerging market countries, such as auto parts for cutting tools for processing the growing demand, especially in China is growing rapidly. In addition to the automotive sector, the iron and steel, railway and construction needs in the area also increased significantly. ratchet tie dowm The production base is established to meet this demand.

   Sumitomo Electric Group in order to respond to the needs of emerging market countries, the year 2010 about 120 billion yen investment in equipment procurement, and strengthen the blade replaceable carbide drill bits and other tools and production in Japan, as well as to meet customer needs additional the Engineering Center, also enhanced tungsten carbide materials, diamond and CBN sintered materials, the production capacity of sintered material. Moreover, the group is also scheduled 2011 annual investment of about 180 billion yen, mainly for the expansion of global production capacity and the tungsten recovery operations.

   In China, headquartered in Shanghai, Sumitomo Electric Carbide Trading (Shanghai) Company had previously adopted in Beijing, Guangzhou, Dalian, Chongqing and other major cities by way of business, to strengthen the marketing system. Sumitomo considering the repeated China's domestic production and supply systems strengthening measures, the final decision to establish SHMC.

   SHMC plan put into operation in October 2011, the registered capital of $ 11,700,000. Sumitomo Electric Carbide by a 100% funding. Production will substantially reduce carbide drill bits and diamond tools for the cost of sintering, in addition to China, is also scheduled to supply Europe and other Asian countries products. 2012 annual sales target of about 13 billion yen the year 2013 about 30 billion yen.

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