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Intelligent substation construction of continuous injection of new "genetic"

    According to incomplete statistics, in April, along with the Huaibei 110 kV substation and Ningbo Huan Tan Yunlin 110 kV Substation, China has built a number of intelligent substation to 10.

    From the North River 110 kV to 220 kV substation west smart Jing Intelligent Substation, Lanxi from the substation to 500 kV voltage level of the world's most intelligent substation - 750 kV Substation in Yan'an, China Intelligent Substation pilot project is progressing. This opened the large-scale construction of intelligent substation started the prelude, while building a strong intelligence network for China is also important.

    Intelligent Substation continuously made new progress in the pilot.

    North River 110 kV substation is a national smart grid pilot projects in the second batch of smart grid is one of the country first put into operation the intelligent substation, located in the northeast corner of the new county seat of Beichuan. April 21, "China Energy News" reporter to the North River 110 kV Substation Intelligent conducted field interviews. HD camera, solar panels, sensors and other intelligent elements of the environment have come into view. On the second floor control room display, ratchet tie dowm all data gathered here, the control room controls the entire county of Beichuan 10 million kilowatts of new power supply load, like a "smart heart." Moreover, this is the origin, cost control table 5000 and the remote single-phase intelligent form 7400 will form an intelligent circle, will be included in the Beichuan intelligent management areas.

    "North River substation to the station's digital information and communication platform for networking, information sharing, standardization of the basic requirements, automate information collection, measurement, control, protection, measurement, testing and other basic functions, to achieve unattended, auto control, state detection , smart regulation, collaborative interaction, and advanced features, "Mianyang, Sichuan Electric Power Bureau, the power company maintenance operations north captain Yangzi Tao, the" Compared with conventional substation, with resource conservation, environmental protection, equipment, intelligence, technology and other advanced features to make the North River network resilience, transmission and distribution capacity and a substantial increase in the level of intelligence. "

    Kitagawa Intelligent Substation on the development of intelligent substation of great significance. Subsequently, China has successively built Taiwan's first 220 kV substation west Jing smart, Lanxi's first 500 kV substation, and the world's highest voltage level of intelligent substation - 750 kV substation ... ... Yan'an China has become the world leader in Intelligent Substation Substation technology development of the backbone. In addition, as of now, National Grid has developed standards for smart substation 15 to form the world's first intelligent substation series of technical standards. 126 patent applications, the overall technological level international leader.

    Intelligence from a number of substations to Substation breakthrough

    So, what has the Intelligent Substation what characteristic? State Grid Corporation of India deputy general manager of Shu Biao, said: "Intelligent Substation equipment can significantly improve the reliability of intelligence level and the equipment operation, to achieve unattended and automated operation of equipment, improve the efficiency of resource use and production management to make running more economical, energy saving and environmental protection. "Qingdao Kenneth Hill 220 kV substation, for example, compared with ordinary substation, calculated in accordance with equipment service life of 15 years, the cost savings of 22.4 million yuan.

    Intelligent Substation digital substation upgrade and development. In the digital substation based on the combination of smart grid requirements of substation automation technology to enrich the intelligent functions to achieve the substation. Intelligent design and construction of substations, must be the context of smart grid, smart grid to meet the construction and development of requirements, reflecting our smart grid information, digitization, automation, interactive features.

    Facts proved that China's process of building intelligent substation, its "smart" continued to make breakthroughs, such as the West Jing substation related equipment in the country for the first time large-scale, multi-parameter monitoring system for online back-office integration and remote applications, to achieve things the first time using technology to build sensor control network; 750 kV substation intelligent station Yan'an UHP intelligent electronic transformer, circuit breakers and transformers for the world's first intelligent devices such as the first set; set a single condition monitoring platform, the EHV substation intelligent large-scale, multi parameter monitor online back office systems integration and remote applications.

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