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Long Way to bottom search of new energy in the trained "hard work"

    Shadow of Chernobyl has not dissipated completely, nuclear accident in Japan gave the world a hit. Countries in the painful and reflection, have announced that their will be more careful treatment of nuclear power development.

    One o'clock instead of nuclear energy, renewable energy has become a focal point of the world, countries rushed to photovoltaic power generation, wind power, etc. on the agenda in advance. There is no doubt that new energy is the future of renewable energy development in the inevitable direction. However, the level of development at this stage in terms of energy, new energy exploration phase of the road is still on the road is long. We are in the bottom search of the same time, more attention should be on the electric power industry facilities, ratchet tie dowm equipment and technology level, and trained a good basis for the "hard power" is also very critical.

    If the Fukushima nuclear power equipment, adequate compaction in the earthquake, then the leak will not occur. Or again, if the earthquake, Fukushima nuclear power plants through advanced monitoring technology to detect nuclear power in some of the problems and take appropriate maintenance or emergency protective measures, Japan's nuclear crisis would not spread into what it is today. Painful price and give to the world how many wake-up call, the world even after the alarm sounded grief over his eyes to make MOK, we must find new energy alternatives, but also speed up the overall level of network development.

    China is a typical distribution of energy resources and demand imbalance in the country, large-scale coal bases, hydropower and wind power base in western and northern bases were located in remote areas, and most pressing demand for electricity is in the eastern region, "East West Electric lost "has become the primary task of grid development. Long-distance transport of electricity has improved power system hardware requirements, power equipment, research and development to follow the footsteps of the grid; and traditional single manual operation for power system maintenance are also far from satisfying the demand for long-distance high-capacity power transmission, so the smart grid as a global transformation of energy strategy should be broad development opportunities.

    In recent years, with the popularity of automatic control technology and applications, has been largely achieved the control of intelligence. Smart grid corresponding supporting services and improvements in continuous improvement, and promote smart grid line monitoring and fault diagnosis technology development and mature, network security monitoring and emergency repair facility capacity has been significantly improved. Among them, the technology known source of China in Beijing, Mizuki "distribution line automation terminal LTU" opens in China but can not install the switch in the pressure line real-time data acquisition times for our country "to enhance the intelligence level of equipment, to achieve early warning network security online and equipment, intelligent monitoring, "injection of fresh blood.

    The relative ratio of R & D electrical equipment on the "low profile" a lot, introduced from China, ABB, Siemens, Areva, the world-renowned manufacturer of electrical equipment, products and technologies, China's first step in power equipment manufacturing industry in China China R & D technology is constantly being globally recognized and applied, but with the power of "hard work" smart grid development than enough. Smart grid development are important, the development of the hardware configuration is also essential, if the hardware products are not market-oriented applications, it's smart grid as a service system, the market can imagine. Only the "hardware" "software" harmonious development of our "hard work" will be a hard in the end.

    Nuclear power is being produced, new energy path we are still groping forward. At this point, what we honed to enhance the "hard work" a good opportunity to strengthen the development of power equipment, strong and smart grid construction, facilities, equipment and technology from the power level of a two-improvements, increased capacity and optimal allocation of power supply security and reliability. In the absence of finding alternative energy before the new nuclear power, it will be our best way to protect the electrical safety, alternative energy found in the following, but also allows new energy unleashed, it will be the power industry is more long-term driver of sustained growth. Path for new energy sources we should be trained in the bottom search of "hard power."

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