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Promising investment market is still embedded micro-development period

    With the maturation of micro-projector technology, embedded micro-projector has become a new trend in recent years. Recently, according to In-Stat noted that the micro-projector market is expected in 2014 is expected to reach 2.3 billion units sold, of which there will be more than 90% of the micro-projectors embedded into the smart phone.

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    Micro-projector market in the early stage of development, many companies that portray a "micro-projection ubiquitous" wish. However, the international mobile phones and consumer electronics manufacturers because the cost of large, unwilling to attach their products within the technology is not mature, the cost over USD 100 mini projector ray machine modules, only a few of its products of cottage manufacturers in the Mainland differentiation, and in its mobile phones in use, so early in the development of micro-projector, the market still appears mainly stand-alone micro-projectors.

    With nearly two years of development, micro-projector technology continues to mature, declining cost of optical modules, embedded micro-projector of the total micro-projector shipments continue to increase. Application of micro-projector is also expanding, in addition to mobile phones as embedded electronic products, has been embedded into digital cameras, digital cameras, notebooks and other mobile devices.

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