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« Promising investment market is still embedded micro-development period Dongguan help community fire safety firewall mode »

Xiamen Fire: innovative products, construction and fire safety control

   Supervision of construction and fire protection products are fire inspection the "key", but because of regulatory responsibility of the relevant functional departments of supervision and law enforcement system does not result in system that is not clear, it is inevitable drain pipe out of control,ratchet tie dowm Xiamen collaboration through the establishment of the regulatory mechanism, the fire community Management achieved significant results.

    Construction fire safety regulation, in the past by the construction, planning, fire the management pool,booster cables all unrelated to each other, leaving many construction projects inherent fire hazards.

    To change this unfavorable situation, Xiamen, fire brigade and the construction, planning and other departments, battery clip formulated and issued the first "Fire on the further construction supervision and management of specific issues related to notice." This "notice" the biggest change is that a clear regulatory responsibilities of various departments to coordinate the working mechanism. Any construction project in the construction licenses must produce qualified fire protection design review submissions, otherwise the project will not be construction. tow rope In addition, construction of fire after acceptance by the construction administrative department for completion of the record, on the new expansion, renovation project, did not apply for planning permission or certificates of title in the works, also made clear regulatory responsibilities of each department requirements. Construction projects to ensure construction does not leave a congenital fire hazard.

    Supervision of fire protection products, fire supervision as a "key", in the past, the fire department keep an eye on construction in progress, use of fire products, you are bound to not have the energy of the circulation management, supervision and law enforcement system that is not fire protection products, will inevitably drain pipe out of control.

    Faced with this problem, Xiamen fire brigade actively coordinating quality supervision, the business sector, the establishment of a fire product communications mechanism, joint enforcement mechanism, a clear field of industrial and commercial fire protection products on the market department, quality supervision departments to monitor the quality of fire protection products, the United industry and commerce, quality supervision departments to establish decoration materials, construction engineering witness sampling of fire protection products, fire supervision and inspection work system and the system of responsibility and clear regulatory responsibility system for fire products.

    By the "separation of powers" independence, to "clear responsibility" supervision, bringing the community fire safety management of large changes in the functions from the past "each minding" to "department of grasping," fire service community level has been significantly improved.

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