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Dongguan help community fire safety firewall mode

   Since last December, according to the deployment of the provincial government, Dongguan City to Wancheng, East, South City,ratchet tie dowm Wan Jiang, four city streets as the center, carried out a thorough fire safety community to promote and build a "firewall" pilot project work.

    More than 4 months,booster cables through a typical example, to point, and the overall promotion of the city's fire service presents a "more effective government leadership, sector regulation more efficient, more clarity of liability, supervision and law enforcement more orderly," a good situation.

    "battery clip Public Fire" crack fire hazard remediation difficulties.

    Dongguan is located in the Pearl River Delta hinterland, with 506,000 individual businesses, 22,700 industrial enterprises, more than 1,600 high-rise buildings, public gathering places more than 1900, 455 000 (between) the "three small" sites, and several rental times the household population of migrant workers.tow rope 30 years of reform and opening, Dongguan City has maintained the momentum of rapid development, crowded places, such as high-rise and underground construction increasing, "three small" places in large numbers, in the history of the accumulation of fire hazard and the new stack under the influence of causal factors, fire accidents occur frequently.

    Provincial Fire Brigade commander Leisheng Wu told the author, in the past, Dongguan City, many local fire organization and management is weak, lagging behind public fire protection facilities, fire spread is not enough publicity and education for prevention and treatment pattern formation is not effective, a little lax, easily occurrence of major fire. Therefore, we must rely on special rectification campaign from the previous style checks, assault-style deployment, passive in response to changes in work situation over, grasping force long-term remediation, infrastructure planning, active as, mobilize all social forces to jointly promote and build community fire safety "Firewall" project.

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