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Zhang Zhe case: Why Xining into the fire, "the same river"

      Zhe Zhang Henan case of civil servants.

    9 at 3 pm, Xining, Qinghai Building, a major textile fire, fire area of ??more than 3,000 square meters, continued to burn more than 2 hours later, building a women workers killed, 15 trapped were rescued.

    As the saying goes, Shuihuowuqing. "11.15" Shanghai large fire has not completely healed wounds, ratchet tie dowm once again brought the fire to face the pain of Xining. Sudden fire to just this past weekend turned into a black memory, booster cables a vivid life and loved ones from this yin and yang, the two separated, 3,000 square meters of burned area also caused significant property damage. In addition to lament the ill-fated, get good luck, but the fire is more worthy of careful consideration alert.

   battery clip Fire in Xining, the shadow of the accident is not difficult to find in the past. One familiar with the key word, once again opened the memories could not bear to touch the scars. Is "inappropriate construction" lead to man-made, see also "billboard" to help the fire as a child ... ...

    CCTV reported the preliminary cause of the fire caused by the clear, the Department of the construction site near the building caused by improper construction. Witnesses said the back of the building is likely to be due to neutrons in the welded metal frame accidentally triggered. Improper construction, welding, not the first time a culprit. Far there are 2000 commercial buildings in the East Luoyang catastrophic fire, tow rope killing 309 people died of suffocation; nearly a 2010 apartment fire in Shanghai's Jingan district teachers, killing 58 people were killed, were improperly welded construction caused the fire. Welding work, how to fire, there must be institutional norms.

    According to reports, the following four Xining textile building many commercial billboards, building facades throughout the business is a very thick wall, leading to fire very difficult. In the billboard issue, and also no lack of painful lessons. For example, in 2007 Wen Fu Building, Wenzhou City, "12.12" disastrous fire, is the flower shop on the first floor after the fire spread to the second floor through the billboard dance, eventually led to the tragedy of multiple deaths. "Advertising Law" clearly provides installation of outdoor advertising shall not "prejudice the producer or the people's lives." Outer building billboards set up properly, not only will impede fire engines or firefighters to save water, but also in between the billboards and floors, "flue", resulting chimney effect, causing fire and smoke quickly from the bottom up spread to form a three-dimensional fires, greatly increasing the difficulty of fighting.

    Seeger cloud, one can not step twice into the same river, but the fire again on the same issues repeat the same mistake Why? The reason, one is poor awareness of the fire, chances seriously. Some departments and individuals to use the fire as accidental, accidents, neglect their chance behind the inevitable, did not do replicability, lessons learned; the other hand, movement-type fire control to blame. Often after a major fire, the relevant departments will carry out blanket checks of fire safety, find fire hazards and strengthen management. Unfortunately, these are often "the rain, dry land", did not translate into long-term mechanism. Over time, like the pain is forgotten, fire hazards, illegal construction and so on remain.

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