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Actually Wei Jin: Digital electrical fire control system could talk

    August 28, 2010, West District, Shenyang City fire Wanda Commercial Plaza, the sales offices, killing nine people were killed and 9 injured. According to local media reports, the results of preliminary police investigation showed that the sales office on the first floor the fire was electrical fault caused the sand table.

    This circuit failure caused by the electrical fire prevention measures are not? Interview with Xinhua, China Fire Protection Association Professional Committee of electrical fire, Pomfret International Electric (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. (Pomfret company), chairman Wei actually gold.

    Painstaking research.

    Electrical fire way to prevent cracking.

    Wei Jin actually told reporters that China is a country of high incidence of electrical fires, electrical fires now account for about 40% of the total number of fires, and in extraordinarily serious fire,ratchet tie dowm electrical fire as high as 60% to 70%. As the world's no going back, like fire and no "if" happens, the only way to avoid the accident is: do preventive work. "Little Wu to solve this problem!" Actually Jinzi Xin Wei said.

    Wei Wu actually said Kim was a small production by him in charge of a series of electrical fire safety products on the trademark name. Speaking with passion on fire protection products, as well as a short story. Wei actually King said: "My neighbor, a, because electrical short circuit, an electrical fire and broken up, that painful scene in my mind taken root. At that time, I thought, if there is such a product can prevent fires then certainly there will be sales. "

    Wei Jin actually devote themselves to pondering the cause of electrical fire, almost to the extent of obsession. "I have almost all types of fuses, the air switch and so bought back, and then study them all apart." Wei actually said Kim. He found that most of the electrical installation of fire protection products are mechanical switching protection, fire protection is not ideal. After careful comparison and study, he decided to fire the electronic intelligence technology into products. So he bought the patent technology for production. "Produced by the product, looks nice, but there are some flaws. Later sales do not increase, no way the market is not acceptable."

    This is a brand of small-Wu suffered a defeat early days, the company losses of several million dollars. But actually Wei Jin did not give up, to borrow money into product research and development work, he came back through the feedback of market information, and continuously improve product performance, and a company to a company to promote their products. "Although very hard, but not discouraged, because I firmly believe that one day people will accept it."

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