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Zoomlion perfect closing weeks of the first intellectual property rights

    April 26, Zoomlion summary of the first week of recognition of intellectual property rights conference and awards ceremony held in the Joint Science and Technology Park, the new chairman Zhan, director Liu Quan, vice president of Sun Changjun, the business unit directly under the department officials were present meeting.

    Zhan new chairman at the meeting made an important speech, he stressed that intellectual property strategy is an important Zoomlion one of the strategies, and implementation of intellectual property strategy is based on self-creation, only to bring innovative technology into intellectual property rights can be effectively transformed for the company's core competitiveness in order to protect our innovations,ratchet tie dowm in order to ensure the healthy development of international competition. He highly affirmed the development of the company's intellectual property work in an important position in the fully affirmed the achievements in intellectual property. He pointed out that promoting the intellectual property rights, there are three main points: first, strengthening intellectual property rights of qualified personnel; second, strengthening the intellectual property system; third, strengthening of IPR creation, utilization, protection and management capabilities of the comprehensive manner. Hope that this Week will spread awareness of intellectual property rights to the company leaders at all levels and all staff's minds. Through the implementation of IPR strategy to accelerate the company of intellectual property rights of qualified personnel, and strengthen the concept of intellectual property rights of all employees work together to enhance the company to create, use, protection of intellectual property rights comprehensive ability and level.

    The General Assembly advanced the collective intellectual property, advanced individual and the invention of the Star were commended and rewarded. Sanitation machinery company was the first prize of intellectual property rights advanced group, concrete machinery company and the electrical control of advanced technology companies by the collective intellectual property rights prize (second prize vacancies); Academy side Xiaohong, Peter Wong, Yin Road Machinery Company of Friends, the sanitation machinery Jiang Fen and other intellectual property the company has been advanced individual; from various business units and institutes of 17 engineers of the "invention of the Stars" title, including engineering and mechanical crane company and sanitation companies Xiaoqing Lin Zhang Jianjun, also were given the amount of patent applications and granting of title and runner-up.

    The Intellectual Property Week is the machine by the World Intellectual Property Day outreach activities carried out in Hunan and intellectual property rights an important part of the week.

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