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Testo gas analyzer testo 350 portable enhanced listing

    Testo measurement technology experts developed new portable flue gas analyzer testo350, the effective pre-setting function can guide the user smoothly professional flue gas analysis. And on a flue gas analyzer testo340 compared, testo350 also determine other parameters such as CO2-IR (infrared), CxHy and H2S, but also commonly used in gas preparation device matching.
testo350 enhanced with the addition of a series of testo350-S/-XL keep the "traditional, global certification," features, it also adds the following new features:

    Innovative instrument concept

    Users can testo350 new enhanced 3.5-inch large-screen color graphics of the default special menu. In addition,ratchet tie dowm the instrument also built a variety of measuring object features, such as burners, turbines and industrial engines. Select one of the measured object, the corresponding fuel table and ordered a typical flue gas parameters can be displayed one by one. Users to display information, without instrumentation knowledge can easily operate, thereby reducing the work before the measurement. Users can also observe the process with graphical display, which can closely monitor the situation and the current measurement system situation.

    Analysis of case - Rugged design meets industry standards

    Analysis of gas sensor box, air pump and cleaning pumps, Peltier gas pretreatment (optional), gas, filters, analysis and storage of electronic components, power adapter and lithium battery.

    Shell has built a solid anti-collision protection (X-type rubber edge of the special structure), a good instrument to avoid the pollution caused by the downtime, the inherent design of the seal chamber fully protected from dust, electrical sensors and instrumentation , sediments, impact and other effects, so that analysis can be applied in harsh environments boxes.

    Probe and the bus connection cable plug-in components can have bayonet lock to ensure the accuracy and analysis of box connection, to prevent the unintentional result of measurement error shift off.

    Convenient operation, you save time and money

    testo350 enhanced configuration of the two kinds of wired and wireless interfaces can be directly connected to a computer or printer. Thus, even with the device under test flue-site some distance calibration, measured data can be transmitted easily, especially for the measurement, such as industrial burner adjustment.

    Back through the instrument for easy maintenance access doors to all relevant wearing parts, without using any tools can be quickly and easily replace these parts. This means that users can directly in the field cleaning, maintenance and replacement parts, equipment maintenance to prevent the work caused by longer pauses, so that users can save significant time and cost.

    testo350 enhanced for industrial burners, on-line industrial engines, turbines and flue gas purification systems, debugging, setup, optimization, or smoke during work measurement analysis, and different processes in the combustion chamber or furnace gas control and monitoring. In addition, testo350 enhanced emission-line measuring instruments but also the function of comparison, control and monitoring of exhaust emissions from the statutory limit.

    testo350 enhanced with an addition to the standard O2 sensor, users can be measured according to their different requirements, change or add their own site directly calibrated 5 independent gas sensor, such as CO (hydrogen compensated), COlow (hydrogen compensated), NO , NOlow, NO2, SO2, CO2-IR (infrared sensor), H2S, HC (combustion sensors) to meet the needs of different users, multiple measurements.

    Compared with the atmosphere, flue gas within the normal high temperature, humidity, dust and there is acid composition, such as SO2, H2S, HF, HCl and HCN, the concentration of large and corrosive. Testo heating the gas sampling system to prevent the formation of acid within the sampling probe. The flue insulation layer due to very thick and other reasons, the location of gas sampling and gas sampling tube has a very high temperature difference between. De Tujia sampling system to heat the gas to prevent moisture condensation occurs within the sampling probe.

    In the engine emissions are usually contained higher concentrations of NO2 and easily mixed with other gases, it is difficult to accurately measure the actual engine NOx values. testo350 flue gas pretreatment module and the PTFE hose probe effectively prevented the adsorption of NO2 and SO2, in order to achieve high-precision measurement of nitrogen oxides.

    In equipment or working conditions of the unknown is not ideal to measure the engine may unexpectedly high concentration of a measurement situation (such as CO concentrations as high as 50,000 ppm). In this case, testo350 enhanced to automatically open range extensions. This will ensure the longest life of the sensor, but also to ensure the measurement is not limited.

    testo350 enhanced in the measurement of emissions at the same time, a long time to measure the volume flow and mass flow. Automatic Zero pressure sensor on a regular basis, thus avoiding the generation of error, so that you can implement a reliable, long-term unattended measurements. When the instrument power or man-made operations, testo350 enhanced gas sensor can in 30 seconds through the auto-zero air, to ensure access to the fastest speed measurement state.

    Portable flue gas analyzer testo350 enhanced gas analysis is ideal for your professional tools!

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