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Industrial Robot "becoming more and on the" future development of the doubt

    Industrial robot is a mechanical, electronic, control, computer, sensors, artificial intelligence and other subjects of advanced technology in one important modern manufacturing automation equipment. Since 1962, the United States developed the world's first industrial robot, booster cables robot technology and product development rapidly and have become a flexible manufacturing system (FMS), automated factory (FA), computer integrated manufacturing system (CIMS) automation tool.

    60 years since the 20th century, mankind has created the first industrial robot,battery clip the robot shows strong vitality. After 40 years of rapid development in the industrial countries, the robot has been widely used in automotive industry, machining industry, electrical and electronic industries, rubber and plastics industry,tow rope food industry, logistics, manufacturing and many other areas.

    China, as Asia's third largest country demand for industrial robots, market development and stability, motor vehicles and parts manufacturing is still the main applications of industrial robots,ratchet tie dowm with the upgrading of industrial structure adjustment and the deepening of the international manufacturing center to China transfer of the robot market will further increase, the rate of market expansion will be further improved.

    The greatest effect of industrial robots.

    Widely used industrial robots, not only improve product quality and output, but also to protect the personal safety, improve the working environment, reduce labor intensity and improve labor productivity, saving raw material consumption and lower production costs, has great significance. And computer and network technologies, extensive use of industrial robots are increasingly changing people's production and way of life.

    Optimistic about the development of industrial robots.

    Industrial robots used in many areas of production proved that it increased the level of production automation, improve labor productivity and product quality and economic efficiency, improve the working conditions of workers, has a role in attracting worldwide attention, aroused the world and society layer of people attention. In the new century, the robotics industry will be more rapid development and more widely used.

    With the industrial robot to the direction of the development of deeper and wider, and raise the level of intelligent robots, robot applications is constantly expanding range of weeks, from the automotive industry to other manufacturing industries, such as the mining machine and then extended to people, building robots and robot maintenance of water system maintenance and other non-manufacturing industries. In addition, national defense, health, life and other areas of service robots more and more applications, such as unmanned reconnaissance aircraft (aircraft), guard robots, medical robotics, domestic service robots are examples. Robot is to improve the quality of human life play an important role. In view of this, industrial robots can be said that labor-saving productivity and increase production of the creature, is an important improvement of the human symbol of mechanization, the future development of industrial robots is very optimistic.

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