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Yuchai 3 of the "hundreds of technology workers pacesetter region" title

   Union autonomous region in 2010 14 billion dollar industry in developing, the focus of the "training and selection of hundreds of technical model" assessment activities, the recent successfully concluded. "Technology Pacesetter" must be a long post production work in technical innovation, invention and innovation, promote technological progress and the rationalization of the recommendations of significant achievements, outstanding contributions of frontline workers in the enterprise. Yuchai employees Zhongqing Si, blue Zheng Cheng, Qin Xiaoying won the "hundreds of technology workers model the region," the honorary title.

    Zhongqing Si, senior technician, Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. Engine Plant, a maintenance worker, joined the company ten years,ratchet tie dowm he has handled a variety of timely and accurate number of electrical failure in 2000, more than 100 difficult fault, always ensure the equipment in good condition ; he was actively involved in independent innovation, participation in a number of major numerical transformation of piecemeal reform award-winning 23, 18 rationalization proposals. Yulin City in 2006 by the technical experts, Yulin City Youth skilled positions; 2009 by the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of technical experts.

    Lan Zheng Cheng, senior technician, the incumbent Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. Foundry core making section executive team leader. Blue as in the new trial vibration, research, QC efforts to address the trial encountered a variety of technology, quality issues to ensure the operability of mass production. From 1989 to 2009, winning 18 times the company advanced workers, outstanding party members by the Company twice, three times won the honorable title of excellent technicians, and won the regional Quality Management and Technology Achievement Award, where the team was named 2007 National Outstanding Quality management team.

    Qin Xiaoying, technicians, currently Yuchai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd Stick team squad. Qin Xiaoying In the model, mold making, technological innovation skills of top-notch, with remarkable results. She submitted several proposals to rationalize and reform process, improve production efficiency, additional savings for the company to create more than 100 million in economic benefits. Led her team well done various production tasks, team production tasks, site management, safety and quality control indicators among the best in the factory, a company flag team. Qin Xiaoying organization's project has received Yuchai Group, a small group of highly skilled second prize, highly skilled technology Yuchai small group achievement awards second prize, highly skilled technology Yuchai great collective achievement awards third prize.

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