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China's electrical industry in 2011 Prospect

     2009 is the most difficult year for the Chinese economy, China's economy in 2010 is the year of the most complex in 2011 is still carried on this complex situation. Since 2012, so 2011 is the year of China's economic transformation. Renmin University of China Finance and Securities Research Institute, renowned economist Wu Xiaoqiu in 2011 forecast that China's macroeconomic trends.

    Beginning in the second five-year, for the electrical industry, power grid construction will be the focus of power investment in 2011, ratchet tie dowm while construction related to smart grid, rural power grids, high voltage power grid construction, electrical industry in the context of such an era met again a major opportunity for rapid development.

    The next three years 3,000 billion investment in rural power grids, Premier Wen Jiabao on January 5 chaired a State Council executive meeting, decided to implement a new round of upgrading rural power grids project. The meeting proposed to increase financial support. Upgrade rural power grids in central and western areas of capital works projects mainly from the central arrangement. Continue to implement additional 2 cents per kilowatt-hour electricity policy, for use in construction and upgrading of rural power project loan debt service.

    It was noted that since 1998 the implementation of rural power grids, power management system of rural and urban and rural electricity Tongwangtongjia, China's rural power structure has improved significantly improve power supply reliability, reduce rural residential electricity prices for rural economic and social development has created good conditions. But by many factors, rural power grid construction in China at present there are still many contradictions and problems. Central and western rural power grids in remote areas face low agricultural production, electricity supply facilities, and independent management of farms, tree farms, small hydro power Supply Area so no transformation of the majority in some areas, not rural and urban electricity Tongwangtongjia, some modified The rural power grid and can not meet rapidly growing demand for electricity. Must be in accordance with unified planning, step by step, according to local conditions, focused, economical, advanced and deepen reform, strengthen management principles, the implementation of a new round of upgrading rural power grids project.

    Recently, the State Grid Corporation conference in 2011 also clearly said: "The development of special high-voltage is the 'second five' top priority in network development." The next 5 years China will invest over 500 billion yuan to build "three vertical and three horizontal "backbone grid of UHV AC and 11 HVDC transmission project, special high-voltage transmission line length will reach 40,000 km, the formation of strong and coordinated development of AC-DC power grid.

    Japan earthquake, nuclear pollution, making the international nuclear power into the overall review stage, the pace of development will be stalled. January 6 meeting of the national energy work session, to ensure safe and efficient development of nuclear power on the basis of "priority to coastal nuclear power construction, steady progress inland nuclear power projects." From "positive" to "stable", also reflects the national nuclear power development for the "speed" of the grasp.

    "Twelve Five" China's energy will continue to develop and optimize the structure and quality will give priority to the development of clean energy, China is very likely in the "second five" in the first year to become the world's largest energy applications. According to BP, the annual energy statistics published in 2009, the U.S. power generation capacity of 4.1496 trillion degrees, down 3.8%, accounting for 20.7% of the world, while China's power generation capacity of 3.7251 trillion degrees, an increase of 6.9%, accounting for 18.5% of the world. China's power generation in 2009 is equivalent to the United States 89.77%, 75.18% in 2007 to 2000, was 33.97%, 19.50% in 1990. This figure will be close to 100% in 2010, but no accidents in 2011 will be greater than 100%.

    "Twelve Five" will be a very exciting market, China's electric period, the overall environment in China will become the driving force for the development of electrical market, prompting China has gradually become the world's largest and most advanced electrical applications. Meanwhile, the Chinese local electric company will constantly improve themselves in the competition, follow the historical trend, stronger and bigger, growing brand, and promote the development of China's electrical industry, and promote the reform of electrical technology, let us wait and see the Chinese market innovation.

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