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Lanxess, Germany actively committed to sustainable development in China

     To raise awareness of the high-tech plastic, cognitive, German specialty chemicals group LANXESS will be in 2011 as the "high-tech plastic LANXESS years. " Celebration is a series of publicity around this is to improve the lives of many special materials to start, in many applications, including automotive,ratchet tie dowm electronics / electrical and household appliances and sports equipment industry, LANXESS is playing a high-tech plastic Important role.booster cables In addition, they actively contribute to sustainable development and environmental technology.

     LANXESS is a exhibition opened in Guangzhou today, the China International Rubber Exhibition, booth number 11.2E21.battery clip At the show, President, Greater China LANXESS Kemao Ting (MartinKraemer) from China and other Asian countries, told reporters: "The high-tech plastic LANXESS support not only the wave of global mobility, but also because of its excellent performance to get the car changed Safer and more fuel efficient. "

     tow rope As Germany's leading specialty chemicals group LANXESS offers a wide range of environmentally friendly products and solutions. For example, the LANXESS Semi-Crystalline Products business unit invention of plastic - metal composite technology has been in the automotive industry has been widely and successfully applied. The composite technology used to produce lightweight, high strength structural components, such as the front pedal and brake pedal bracket. Aluminum is lighter than the same size by 20%. The Inorganic Pigments business unit from a high-performance Bayferrox (Bayer music) and Colortherm pigment series offer superior lightfastness and weather resistance of the products, these products are not only excellent quality, and the process is very simple green. In addition, LANXESS Functional Chemicals business unit phthalate additives to provide a safer alternative products.

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