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Renowned international buyers ten selected assessment activities assigned to the electronics industry

    Is in full swing in the "HC Network Ten 2011, the electronics industry in China was named " fight back,ratchet tie dowm super buyer jury yesterday (May 16) officially assigned to the event, the current membership of buyers more than 50 jury Name, from Guangdong,booster cables Beijing, Shanghai, Heilongjiang, Anhui and other places, buyers in areas such as home appliances, electrical, IT, communications, automotive and other industries, many of them are Toshiba, Nokia and other famous enterprises purchasing Personnel.battery clip It is learned that the buyer assigned to the jury, the aim is to experience the election through the corporate buyers of products, services, to real, objective point of view to corporate rate for all candidates, the assessment results will be of Each top ten finalist candidate enterprises can play an important role.

     tow rope "HC Ten Network named 2011 China Electronics Industry, " attracted a large number of electronics industry production, manufacture, dealers participating, the organizers HC electronic network in the accumulation of previous experience, the integration of the current selection in a more Many fresh highlights, while the buyers assigned to the jury will review the rules of this event to be more transparent and standardized, and more highlight activities of the fair, just and open.

     It is understood that the top 30 in this event being the voting phase, the award is fierce competition among candidates player, and the buyers assigned to the jury, no doubt the players will be facing the most severe test, whether there will be What are the players with quality products and services, and brand reputation to get the group to buy the favor of review, let us try to be objective!

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