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2011 11th International Building and Decoration Materials Exhibition of Chongqing

     Okawa International Building Materials Building Materials City Exhibition Center Macalline National pits Shengwei fine decorative home cities actually proud of the city transit Decorative Building Materials City Plaza, CITIC International Building Materials City Riverside Poly Decorations Jia Yuxi City home decorative building materials market town eight benefits

    Network cooperation:

    China Building Decoration Building Material Information Network of China the world's total net total net HC building materials building materials building Asian Network NetEase China Building Material Building Material Building Decoration Materials Network in China China Jie Jie net net net Ceramics Ceramics Chinese Ceramics Network Global Network China Network China Building Materials Trading faucet Total Net Building News Online Chinese Kitchen Chinese ceramic bathroom plumbing Network China Network China Network China bathroom ceiling ratchet tie dowm integrated network of sales personnel net China building an integrated network of environmental protection kitchen stove Network China China's environmental protection network integrated kitchen cabinet national ecological network in China China Building Material net floor Chinese net floor floor floor Empire Network China Network China Network China, Chinese wallpaper wallpaper net shade net staircase China Network China Network International Mosaic China Mosaic Net World Stone names portal Web network of excellence worldwide coatings decorative wrought iron mesh network of excellence global network of Chongqing decorative stone Building Material building materials Chongqing Chongqing buy home improvement web net "Paint Business," "Floor World" and "Triangle Building Business" business Bao Chongqing Chongqing Morning News Daily Times, Chongqing Chongqing Chongqing Evening News newspaper Chongqing Economic television ...

    Events-UCBE & LFAD

    Eleventh China Chongqing International Exhibition building energy efficiency and new building materials

    "Leading the development of future construction," International Seminar on ecological building technologies

    Villas, hotels and high-end fine decorated rooms Forum

    Annual Interior Design Summit (the "Design Day")

    Overview-UCBE & LFAD

    Chongqing, the only municipality in western China, the Yangtze River upper reaches of regional economic and financial center, the state urban and rural reforms, DC, the first country in western cities, will become an important economic and social development in Western engines, the impact will the global radiation. With the development of the western region, the two River Area, Free Trade Zone, construction of Three Gorges migrants, urban renewal, "the five Chongqing" Ring construction depth implementation of national policy, a huge market demand and the rigidity of location advantages, making it the most active construction markets. "Twelve Five" period, fixed asset investment in Chongqing reached more than 1 trillion, of which over 700 billion investment in construction field, building materials demand up to 4000 million, production and sales of building materials industry in Chongqing less than 1,000 billion, illustrating the market's huge business opportunities. Chongqing will further improve the urban environment and investment environment, expand areas of cooperation with the region. To this end, "the Eleventh 2011 China Chongqing International Building and Decoration Materials Exhibition" will be held October 20 to 22 grand opening.

    "Building Fair" (referred to as: UCBE & LFAD), since 2001, has successfully held the tenth, the accumulated turnover of 2.12318 billion yuan, 180,516 people receiving home and abroad (times), an exhibition area of ??over 100,000 square meters. Chongqing and western market is by far the largest and highest grade, exhibits the most comprehensive show for one of the similar brand and get the majority of merchants and users agree that the collective appearance become an annual business users and buyers to discuss the procurement of a grand festival . Services in various business aspects of construction technology, and promote the real estate industry chain and downstream business and real estate developers, exchange and cooperation between the professional exhibition. And by including the world top 500 brands, including many of the world and industry giant favor.

    We invite all regions participating manufacturers to Chongqing to promote and seek trade and investment opportunities. We invite all areas, especially in southwestern Chongqing, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, developers, design institutes (schools), engineering company, decoration companies, distributors, designers and groups to visit the secondary market to negotiate, By "UCBE & LFAD" won the engineering information, and building, construction, design units established trade relations, reached a cooperation and distribution agents.

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