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How bad has ever escaped regulation socket "piercing eyes"?

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    According to "Evening News" March 15, 2011 reported that, in recent years, household electrical safety has increasingly become the focus of consumers. In the associations released the "China Environmental Investigation household electricity report" shows: "more than 76% of Chinese urban household electricity environmental security risk!" Which has become a household electricity socket in the main, but most easily overlooked the "soft underbelly" one.

    Life, once the appliance malfunction, driven by the inertia of thinking, the consumer is usually first suspected the quality of home appliances, few would have thought a little inferior appliance outlet is the real failure of the "culprit." In fact, according to the business sector-related data, socket products across the country last year, the average pass rate is not Daowu Cheng checks. In other words, the current market sales of household outlet, about half of the products there are various quality problems, a home appliance failure of the "culprit."

    In these low-grade outlet, from formal manufacturers of products, a lot more "three no" inferior products. Current socket products on the market of varying quality, with low barriers to entry in the industry do not have nothing to do system. Meanwhile, the humble socket ignored by many consumers, ratchet tie dowm it also indirectly encouraged the "three no" bad socket arrogance of fish in troubled waters.

    So, what harm bad socket in the end? Major new national standard power outlet makers Bulls Group outlet to experts, poor socket huge fire hazard: if the internal copper thin (some are even iron), structural design, unreasonable, and the copper thin, small, easy to heat ; shell is recycled plastic, flame retardant low, or even combustion! Some three-pole jack plug with only two very easy to cause an electric shock; or power line using recycled plastic, easy to break led to leakage of copper, causing leakage, electric shock accident.

    Actually a small outlet that may endanger life and property safety of consumers was a wake-up call. In fact, when it comes to identify low-grade outlet, in fact, not difficult. Because high-quality brand clearly marked receptacle, the product will be clearly marked on the rated current, rated voltage, power nature of symbols, the manufacturer and product identification number and other technical parameters. If with packaging, packaging manufacturers will clearly indicate the address, telephone and other contact information, and product features descriptions and identification of qualified products. The three non-poor are mostly socket products, often identify the fuzzy parameters exaggerated, but also the lack of appropriate vendor identification and contact information. So, how is that bad outlet through the layers of checkpoints, appear on the consumer perspective, fatal in people planted the seeds of life? "Fake 'Bulls' socket a rub on the word out", it is how to escape the supervision of the "eyes" mean?

    After all, regulators have no reliable outlet must not be taken lightly purchase, consumers must be myself. ebdoor Quality Report commentator Wu Qing Fen recommend that consumers may wish to plug in the purchase of "see more test", try to choose non-shaped appearance, exquisite workmanship, brand and specifications on the packaging of products are clearly identified.

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