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"The fourth" energy revolution global new energy industry outlook coming

     The world has been action, no one would doubt - "the fourth" energy revolution has arrived. When Wall Street burst of financial instruments chain, proved the current economy and the virtual entity economy apart seriously, at present global existing industry has not through the creative growth to realize the endogenous wealth, the entity economy has also can't create wealth is to fill in the currency, flooding the core of the whole global economy running again in "technology innovation", this boom is often forgotten but crisis was finally picked up momentum, blew up this "energy" changes. Global economic leader of the United States will economic recovery in "new energy DianDing breakthrough."

     Obama administration in place for new energy and climate when the attention of problem is very clear, triggered global "new energy" more trendy. 8 in Italy to pull at the G8 summit, kratos pull, will climate problem, new energy development is put on the agenda.

     ratchet tie dowm What is the new energy? Which energy is new energy? The new global energy industry development status? Come together around the world, and look up the new global energy force.

       The new energy, it is to point to new energy utilization way both including wind, solar, biomass, etc, and including technical transformation of traditional energy by the formation of the new energy.

     New energy industry has the low consumption of resources, cleaning degree is high, potential big market, driving ability, comprehensive benefit good advantage, new energy industry is related to the energy security, economic security, ecological safety strategic industry, is also a great market potential, better economic returns, growth, high correlation strong new industries.

     New energy industry and a low carbon economy development, will involve multiple sectors, and dramatically change people's traditional production and life style, once the significant breakthrough technology, new energy sector is likely to create a new round of economic prosperity.

       The development of new energy industry has become a global focus

    Energy is the modern economy important support, is the driving force of economic development. Energy strategy is the national development strategy, energy is an important part of the choice of the ways of the core and energy strategy.

      Global energy crisis, energy is human society, the existence and the development of indispensable, class must estimate to the renewable fossil energy withered people might bring safflowerfraie crisis, thereby to focus on new energy structure, and relevant departments predicts that by 2025, global energy consumption than 2001 growth 54%, industrial countries in the annual energy consumption growth, including 1.2%, China's and India's Asian developing countries than current energy consumption will be doubled, accounting for 40% of the global energy demand growth in developing countries with the growth of 70%. Facing the global economy and population growth of energy demand, the traditional energy exhausting, the deterioration of human survival environment, develop clean renewable new energy is the only way that human sustainable development.

      In order to deal with the threat of global warming, December 1997, in Kyoto, Japan, the United Nations framework convention on climate change PLA has passed a milestone meaning of "the UN framework convention on climate change's Kyoto protocol (hereinafter referred to as the Kyoto protocol). As the UN framework convention on climate change (UNFCCC), UnitedNationsFrameworkConventiononClimateChange as supplementary terms, this protocol goal is: "will the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases in an appropriate level of stability, and prevent severe climate change harm humans." The Kyoto protocol regulation, by 2012, industrialized countries including carbon dioxide and methane, nitric oxide, hydrogen fluorine carbon, etc, the six greenhouse gas emissions, relative in 1990 to reduce 5.2 percent to reduce global warming and rising seas. This file in February 2005 16 began urging effect.

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