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ABB intelligent building and household peak BBS is held in Beijing

    On May 11, 2011, ABB automation world "intelligent building household, luster low carbon life" industry BBS held in Beijing. The BBS is at present domestic intelligence household situation and development direction, future prospects with green building such topics from real estate industry and design institutions of more than three hundred guests discussed deeply, showed ABB low-pressure in intelligent building and household aspects of leading technology and professional solutions, jointly explore green, intelligent building the future development way.

    ABB low-voltage products sales department head north district and China NiBuQing, "says Mr ABB will innovative technology and the new design concept, to improve the combination of public buildings and residential energy consumption and use comfort,ratchet tie dowm has been successfully launched series meet the intelligent building industry demand high quality products and perfect solutions. In the future, we will be strongly promoting the green buildings and intelligent household development, let ordinary people enjoy more green of a better life."

   China real estate managers league secretary general ChenYunFeng sir and developers representative Mr FuDongBin analyzed the current real estate development together with the structural adjustment, the future of the intelligent building development direction and ABB low-pressure solution how to its advanced technology and the reliable quality in improving energy efficiency of buildings and household for the general consumers at the same time, bring the enjoyment of pleasure. ChenYunFeng think in implementing government guarantee room social context, promoting green architecture and the development and application of intelligent household responsibility of real estate industry, a move that will make more responsibility ordinary citizens experience advanced science and technology brings the comfortable, green, low carbon life and promoting the sustainable development of Chinese society.

    Focus on the intelligent building industry development in this BBS, low automation world for the first time in domestic display ABB, the "solar hut" is use solar energy as the only green energy sources of "zero consumption" environmental houses, let many spectators from technology low carbon future life. Its prototype in 2007 and 2009 by two successive Olympic win held by the U.S. department of energy in Washington solar decathlon champion, Darmstadt technology by German university student design and implement. The energy comes from solar wall, roof solar panels, and stored in a new energy storage cabinet of energy, realize the household energy totally self-sufficient, emphasizes the environmental damage and provide people with a kind of comfortable, modern living environment.

     According to ABB China Malacaza Davide low-pressure r&d department manager in solar hut, I introduce Mr. Combined with ABB I - bus? Intelligent household system, landing-answer system and switch socket products, real reduction household life environment. Who experiences priOn series available ABB room control solutions is responsible for the stage lighting control, through cottage fieldbus communication and touch panel, the operation is very simple. The user as long as the wall hung in concise and beautiful by clicking on the button on the panel can complete all complex operation, or realize personalized "specific life scene" lighting control, such as open and dim the lights etc, reduce the waste of electric power, open new green lifestyle.

    From zhongjian international design consultant Co., LTD m&e section (Beijing) electric chief engineer Mr Li binghua in "green architecture and intelligent household" theme speech compared the world and domestic green building assessment system, analyzes the development of intelligent household and green household development and prospects. He pointed out that intelligent household is a core problem of fieldbus control system in residential building applications, and share in the national stadium and water cube and other important building use ABB I - bus? Intelligent building system and the successful cases.

    ABB product sales terminals Chinese low voltage power protection products business unit chief WangZhongDan lady in answer to site real estate industry on ABB low-pressure how guests "green building and intelligence support domestic household development, said" in China, ABB, adhering to the "for China's" the idea, based on its advanced technology, reliable quality and performance, has been actively involved in domestic modernization, its products have been in many of the application of landmarks. In the meanwhile, realize reliable power supply continued ascension level of the intelligent building and household, and reduce energy consumption and let users get energy saving, and the economic returns for People's Daily low carbon life increase with a green.

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