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"Twelve Five" Jiangsu planning the future of the new energy industry

    "Eleventh Five-Year", the new energy industry, the province has experienced a "golden period of development." "Twelve Five" has arrived, "Economic and Social Development of Jiangsu Province Twelfth Five-Year Plan" has been released, "Jiangsu New Energy and Industrial Planning," is expected to be introduced this year. As a provincial government established the first six emerging industries, ratchet tie dowm focus on the development of this industry over the next five years, what is the direction? What policy will be supported? New energy in our province and which business plan for a new look? Newspaper published in this special feature for our readers.

Trend: Jiangsu Province,booster cables "second five" plan, low-carbon into the green trend

● the recent introduction of the "economic and social development of Jiangsu Province Twelfth Five-Year Plan", the green low-carbon on the agenda again, "Plan" that "as the resource consumption in Jiangsu province to ease the bottleneck of resources and environment constraints and building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, has become the 'second five' development of an urgent task. Strengthening ecological civilization construction, development of circular economy, promote low-carbon technologies,battery clip promote green growth, the development trend of this period will Leading the trend of future development. "

Figures: 100 core focus on breakthroughs in key technologies, new energy into the two accounts

● "Eleventh Five-Year" period, Jiangsu "Add power installed capacity of about 21.5 million kilowatts, of which nuclear power, wind power and other new energy close to 400 million kilowatts." "Plan" that by 2015, tow rope installed capacity of electric power for 11,000 MW installed capacity of renewable energy which accounts for about 7%.

"Twelve Five" period, Jiangsu will "focus on breaking a 100 overall, of the core and key technologies driving", which "offshore wind power machine 5, the new photovoltaic cells 5, nuclear and biomass 5 , power batteries and new energy vehicles 5 ", involving a new energy technology industry accounted for Jiangsu" core focus on breakthroughs in key technologies 100 "1 / 5.

Industry: construction of a new energy industry research and development, manufacturing and application of model base

● "Plan" proposed "to develop a strategic focus on emerging industries ... ... the development of new energy, new materials, biotechnology and new medicine, environmental protection, software and service outsourcing, and a new generation of things six emerging information technology industry" , "new energy" among the first in six emerging industries.

"The new energy industries. Focus on the development of solar photovoltaic and wind power equipment, biomass energy equipment, nuclear power equipment industry and the high cost of crystalline silicon cells, thin film batteries, integrated systems and equipment, high-power wind turbines, biomass generators and key components of nuclear power equipment, new energy vehicles, construction has an important position in the domestic and international competitiveness and strong R & D of new energy industries, manufacturing and application demonstration bases.

"Smart Grid industry. Focus on the development of wind power, solar and other renewable energy access and control technology, large-scale energy storage devices, high voltage and extra high voltage transmission equipment, intelligent power transmission and distribution of secondary control testing equipment and smart grid scheduling system. "

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