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Dependence on imported equipment sitting in the PV industry in China, "wheelchair" on the run

    As well known, traditional energy crisis, the global increase, new energy Awakening Human photovoltaic industry has become in the 21st century and even longer the most development potential within the emerging industries, both in research and development, industrial application or the market have made significant progress. Strong in the global PV industry, driven by China in 2010 accounted for more than 40% of global production and sales, to accommodating the image of photovoltaic power among the highest in the world.

    Equipment - the backbone of the development of photovoltaic industry

    PV industry, led to the great development of the market for silicon wafers, crystalline silicon and component production equipment needs. Meanwhile, in the photovoltaic industry, the occasion of the new reshuffle, many enterprises are facing greater challenges, as much as possible seek to reduce production costs become the key to survival,ratchet tie dowm photovoltaic equipment at home to low cost credit. Against this background, the photovoltaic device to speed up the process of localization, the emergence of a large number of equipment manufacturers, as supporting the development of photovoltaic industry, the backbone of stable and sustainable.

    However, due to China's PV industry equipment, raw materials, subject to market long term, the international market, sign of trouble, the Chinese PV market is likely to "cold." 2008 financial crisis, China had to make PV into a high-spirited low: nearly 30% of the domestic companies on the verge of bankruptcy, 70% of companies closed down, stop or limit production, many of photovoltaic devices is expected to invest in domestic enterprises are beginning to macro news wait and see ... ...

    With the global PV market, and the entire PV industry chain and full of vitality. Recently, the Guangzhou International Solar PV Exhibition Cai Yang, head of marketing, said: "The equipment is the backbone of the development of photovoltaic industry, the domestic photovoltaic industry to achieve healthy and sustainable development, industrial chain, are not backward, it is necessary to change the PV the dominance of imported equipment, outside subject to break the fate of PV equipment to enhance the technical level and core competitiveness, provide support for the entire industry. "

    China PV industry sitting on "wheelchair" on the run

    Recalling the development of PV industry: in 2004, the German application of a new round of subsidies to millions of photovoltaic roof of the progress Yimapingchuan, German PV market demand for components showing explosive growth, the Chinese enterprises to seize the components time to buy large amounts of photovoltaic equipment in production, thanks to cheap labor and a good time to be in rapid development.

    It has been said, the Chinese PV industry is a global PV industry, a wonderful work, sitting in the beginning, "wheelchair" on the run. To this, from the development process of China's PV industry solutions can be slightly or two, I borrow the China Renewable Energy Society, Vice Chairman Meng Xiangan further to illustrate the point of view, "from the development history, the PV industry development path is not a device to do later engage in a good industry, but get out after the manufacture of equipment, and more than 95% of products exported. "long-term raw materials in the device subject to outside circumstances, to seize the international market opportunities for relying on external markets in the world has been run the forefront of energy has been achieved and there is indeed a wonderful work in the global PV industry.

    However, a mature industry, must be full respect for the Chinese PV industry in Kentucky, defects in early development of photovoltaic devices, you must double to make up for it later does not affect the healthy growth of the industry.

    The plight of photovoltaic devices

    "If the current PV industry in China as is their girl to be married to the woman, but great country of China can not afford the wedding dress of their women" This is a summary of PV companies in China, the status of photovoltaic devices, said the word. Although PV products in China accounted for half of the international market, its market digestion with superior equipment, but can not afford, equipment, technologies and markets are subject to, the real pity.

    Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition Guangzhou International Group said: "In general, China is still at the initial stage of photovoltaic devices, photovoltaic devices facing the embarrassing situation are obvious: Many high-end equipment market is still occupied by foreign ; domestic photovoltaic devices as compared with imported equipment, individual technical indicators close to, but slightly lower degree of automation; equipment produced well enough, the lack of their own core technology, lack of innovation in recent years, photovoltaic equipment, and so are difficult to obtain considerable technical progress of important reasons.

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