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« Dependence on imported equipment sitting in the PV industry in China, "wheelchair" on the run Chint Cup "of the Fifth National Electrical engineers essay contest launched »

"Red China" into a sparkling Italian Esso Photovoltaic Exhibition highlights the inverter

    May is the season of red, warm and well-known to the world the most times Verona, Italy, the focus of the world's solar industry. Italy's largest and Europe's third-largest international exhibition of professional solar energy - Solar Energy Exhibition in Verona, Italy, May 4, 2011 -6 full bloom at the Verona, Italy. As the leader in low power inverter business - New Energy Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Esso The strong attack, the Italian show gains in this fruitful results significantly.

    During the exhibition, Esso new energy on display at the show a full range of TL1500 \ 2000, TL3200 \ 4600 \ 5400 and TLC12 \ 17K and other several main models. Attracted many visitors, and during the show the intention to achieve multiple orders. Influential part of the local distributors through negotiations, reached a preliminary cooperation. European experience with the industry is represented by Esso China power inverter impact, ratchet tie dowm blowing in the European market, an red tide.

    Since the end of 2009 Esso successful products into the European market - Germany, just one year, quickly establish the German market in April this year, call center subsidiary in Germany and Europe have been put into operation one after another, through the allocation of professional services team, truly 24-hour service response, the service radius is radiated to the Western and Southern Europe. Gradually developed into a set of pre-sales consulting, show promotion, spot sales, parts replacement, repair and maintenance, logistics and distribution in one European regional customer service center. In this exhibition, we have won the majority of call centers in Europe, Germany distributors and customers to recognize and trust, causing the Italian distributor and even the entire European distributor of great concern.

    The exhibition includes more customers in Europe, including Italy, not only feel a reliable product quality Esso, Esso also can enjoy high-quality, fast, professional service. At present, Esso photovoltaic inverters have been passed VDE, VDEGS, CE European Union, Arsenal Laboratory test certificate, the Australian AS4777 certification, SAA, UK G83 certification, certification of Italy ENELGuide, Spain RD1663 and an authority on the Golden Sun certification and other industry certification authority.

    Esso will take the Italian event as an opportunity to comprehensively promote the European and Italian network construction, the Esso quality products and excellent after-sales service to bring more European customers. Esso step by step inverter to the PV market total solution provider success of transformation.

    Esso Europe, China red tide still continue to "spread" Meet us in Munich, Germany June 8-10, New International Exhibition Centre C3510, experience the world photovoltaic feast, to experience the charm of red tide in China, so stay tuned.

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