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Chint Cup "of the Fifth National Electrical engineers essay contest launched

     Intelligent and efficient electrical innovation

    - "Chint Cup" of the Fifth National Electrical engineers essay contest launched

    By the mechanic media ? magazine sponsored the age of electricity, the Chinese core journal "Electrical Applications" editorial contractor, Zhejiang Chint Electric Co., Ltd. exclusive title sponsorship of the "Chint Cup" of the Fifth National Electrical engineers essay contest in May 2011 Beijing announced the official launch, this essay contest as "intelligent and efficient electrical innovation" as its theme, to the domestic and international focus on energy efficiency and smart business people who built a platform for mutual exchange and learn from.

    Energy structure changes, social low-carbon development. Smart Grid represents the development of electric power in today's world strategic direction, pay close attention to China's grid construction smart grid to bring the changes from the framework, systems, standards to the design and construction. Industrial energy consumption, ratchet tie dowm production efficiency. Industry as the lifeline of the national economy, industry is breaking efficient, energy saving and represent the needs of today's trend of industrial development in China. Pay close attention to China's energy consumption changes arising from industrial development, from the policy, design, operation to the needs of procurement. Breakthroughs in core technology, drive technology innovation. To explore and develop more excellent talents to better serve the electrical industry, technological innovation, promote the development of electrical theory and technology and applications, concentrating on strengthening the country's leading electrical engineering in universities and research institutes, on the power electronics, power systems, superconducting power transmission and electric vehicle research areas such as the outcome of concern. Writing this essay contest will form around the "intelligent and efficient electrical innovation" theme, collect and identify the relevant knowledge and experience, and for the further promotion of the industry.

    An essay contest this paper the main targets include: enterprises and institutions and related professional work in electrical technology, design, management, construction, operation and maintenance of scientific and technical personnel, etc.; universities, research institutes engaged in research work in electrical engineering teachers , students and engineering technicians. The end of September 2011 deadline, award-winning articles will be in November 2011 Ping Chu. First prize in a competition set up, 3 second prize, third prize six and 20 outstanding awards, and for "smart and efficient electrical and innovation", in particular, set up a special award "Award for Energy Saving", "smart solutions Award" and "Innovation Programme Award." Meanwhile, the electrical field for the University to communicate the latest research and cutting-edge thinking, mining engineers and train future stars, so that electrical technology to better serve the scientific and technological innovation, this essay contest will focus on the establishment of University College Award for Outstanding Paper in particular: " Star Award for future engineers, "10, welcomed the college of electrical related majors and graduate students actively contribute.

    Since 2007, in Zhejiang Chint Electric Co. of the exclusive sponsorship, Electric Time magazine hosted a 4th consecutive National Electrical engineers essay contest. 4th Competition received a total of 1535 valid papers, more than 4,000 contributing authors, a total of 150 articles Ping Chu winning paper, and in the "Electrical Applications" excellent quality magazine published nearly 300 papers for the electrical industry to provide an effective technical exchange and experience sharing platform.

    Recently, the "Chint Cup" of the Fifth National Electrical engineers essay contest has officially started, the whole of society is now widespread calls for papers, submission mail to Winners of the awards ceremony will be invited to participate in the scene presented award certificates and prizes.

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