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Radial drill drag the control requirements and electrical characteristics

     A. Radial drill more moving parts, in order to simplify the transmission, using multiple motor drag. For example, radial drilling machine Z3040-type motor drag by 4, they are the spindle motor, arm lift motor, hydraulic pump motor and cooling pump motor, these motors are started direct way.

     B. In order to adapt to various forms of processing requirements, radial drilling spindle rotation and feed movement have a greater speed range, under normal circumstances agencies to achieve more by mechanical transmission. Spindle speed change mechanism and feed speed change mechanism are mounted on the spindle box.

     C. Rocker drill feed motion the main motion and the movement of the spindle are, for these two sports have a spindle motor drag, respectively, by the spindle drive mechanism, the feed drive mechanism rotating the spindle and feed.

     D. In the processing thread, require the spindle to reversing. Commonly used radial drill spindle reversing mechanical implementation ratchet tie dowm . Therefore requires only one-way rotating spindle motor.

     E. Arm movements required to reverse the motor rotation.

     F. Clamping and relaxation outside the spindle, spindle and the clamping arm can be mechanically operated and relaxation, electrical - mechanical devices, electrical - hydraulic or electric - hydraulic - mechanical and other control method. The use of a hydraulic device, with hydraulic pump motor, hydraulic pump oil pressure drag to implement, the hydraulic pump motor required to forward and reverse rotation, and are required to use jog control.

     H. Mobile strict accordance with the rocker arm → Mobile → release clamping arm procedures. Therefore, the clamping arm and arm down by automatic control.

     I. Cooling pump motor driven cooling pump to provide cooling fluid, requires only one-way rotation.

     J. Chain link with the protection and security lighting, signal indication circuit.

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