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Increase the proportion of natural energy power generation at long-term plan to shorten the 10-year energy

    Gifu Prefecture in Japan, there is a large-scale called Solar Ark solar power generation facilities, the annual power generation of about 530,000 kwh.

    Paris time on May 25 afternoon, the Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the 50th anniversary ceremony, said in a speech by Fukushima nuclear accident of the first nuclear power ratchet tie dowm plant in Japan will adjust energy policy, through bold innovations plan early in the 21st century, 20 years will be solar, wind and other natural energy accounts for the proportion of total electricity generation to 20%. To achieve this goal,booster cables Japan, the cost of solar power generation in 2020 decreased to 1 / 3, 2030 decreased to 1 / 6.

    The four pillars of the two new challenges

    On energy policy, Naoto Kan, said in his speech, Japan will re-modify the basic planning of energy.battery clip In addition to nuclear energy and the two pillars of fossil fuels, but also nurturing the natural energy and energy efficiency of the two new pillars, this whole force of the Japanese to a "four challenges." The first is the challenge to nuclear safety, nuclear accident in Fukushima nuclear power plant for the learned, to achieve the highest level of nuclear safety. The second is to the environmental challenges of fossil energy, full and effective use of fossil fuels, challenging the limits of carbon dioxide emissions. The third is the practical challenges of natural energy, excluding technical and cost barriers, promote it as the backbone of energy. tow rope The fourth is the challenge to the efficient use of energy, loss of family and social life of comfort is not the case of energy utilization.

    Naoto Kan on the nuclear accident in Japan in the sewage into the sea when the matter is not promptly notify the international community to apologize, saying that "for countries to worry about it." He said, "The situation is indeed stable, the whole nation working hard to quell the matter as soon as possible." Nuclear accident by investigating the reason, "to convey to the world and future generations of these painful lessons, the history of our country to shoulder the responsibility."

    Japan will develop the highest standards of nuclear safety, for the establishment of a Nuclear Accident Investigation and Verification Commission, not only to a comprehensive review of nuclear power technology, but also a comprehensive review of use of nuclear energy in the human resources, organization and even a variety of factors such as nuclear safety culture .

    People are concerned that there is nothing new speech

    Analysis of local media that Naoto Kan of natural energy in the speech will be the backbone of a clear positioning for the future of energy and made a preliminary schedule and share ratio, it is undeniable there is a certain novelty, but the possibility of questionable goals. METI by the vision, natural energy resources by 2030 the proportion of total electricity generation will increase the total to 21%. Naoto Kan in a speech to the Ministry of Economy breath ahead of the planned target of 10 years and did not give a specific road map and measures only "bold technological innovation," with the phrase before. In 2009, the Japanese use of natural energy such as solar and wind power accounted for only 1% of the proportion of the total, if coupled with hydropower, natural energy proportion of total electricity generation accounted for 9%, then 10 years, this ratio increased to 20% is very difficult.

    Now, the average price of Japan's natural energy power generation is about 40 yen per kilowatt hour, far higher than the liquefied natural gas, 5-8 yen per kWh. In addition, to achieve stable power supply also need to configure the accumulator, associated costs will increase. Japan Federation of Economic Organizations Hiromasa Yonekura, president 26, a press conference in Tokyo, Naoto Kan criticized energy policy, saying "first objective of the policy is very dangerous." Yonekura Hong Chang criticized the policy of the Government without any consultation with civil society, "will bring people uneasy."

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