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Phone for business or things will usher in the explosive growth

    Mobile phone can do remote control. Ai Media network before the phone was held in Guangzhou of things business conference, a reporter at the scene witnessed this scene: iPhone by operating a mobile phone, toys, small plane circling in the air, and the ability to issue different commands based on the phone to complete the a variety of difficult moves.

    This is just a phone things very small application performance. Experts said the handset of things of things is an important part, along with the development of things and the growing popularity of smart phones,ratchet tie dowm mobile phones will usher in things explosive business growth.
   Mobile segments of things of things big cake

    booster cables In recent years, the concept of things start hot. April 8, 2011, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued "special funds for the development of things Interim Measures," in support of complex networking technologies, including R & D and industrialization of the standard research and development,battery clip demonstration and promotion, public service platform and other aspects of the project. Academician Wu Hequan is predicted that the scale of things in the future industry will reach one trillion.

    tow rope "At present, although very hot things, but no one says what is inaccurate things, and ultimately to the formation of segmentation, the specific chain." Chang Ai Media network president said, the phone will be one of the things important segments of the market, the use of mobile phone camera, positioning, gravity sensing, mobility and other unique features, combined with the traditional industrial model mobile phone things, it will be the development of the global mobile Internet industry, the basic home.

    The so-called Internet of Things is the use of mobile phone handsets and a variety of sensor technology, the contract agreement, to any goods and (mobile) connected to the Internet, information exchange and communication, in order to achieve intelligent identification, location, tracking, monitoring and management function of a network, and ultimately the information from the human and material things and objects to interact with the exchange of information changes. Mobile commerce refers to the things of things to mobile phones as the carrier for the mobile business behavior.

    The industry believes that with the development of 3G, mobile Internet will gradually achieve high bandwidth and high-speed mobile double breakthrough. The phone can be convenient Internet access and networking to achieve "human-computer interaction," "machine machine interaction." Mobile phone deal with life-related services such as home monitoring, appliance control, finance consumption, which will give life more convenient, will be the future trend and direction. With the mobile phone marketing and popularity of mobile phone users, mobile users will become potential users of mobile Internet of Things, Things, with its smart phones will feature access to people's lives.

    Market potential is gradually emerging

    Mobile phone business has two major things: for the consumer level and business-oriented level. Level of consumption for the consumer to achieve the intelligent terminal, such as mobile payment, mobile authentication; for the enterprise level, you need to promote industrial information, such as inventory management, logistics tracking, mobile business applications software, and so on.

    Mobile phone market potential of things are emerging. Media Advisory AI research data shows that by 2010 the market scale of China's Internet of Things 1900 billion, of which mobile phone market size of 238 things billion. 2015, the overall market size of things in China will reach 916.2 billion yuan, while the mobile phone market will reach things 684.7 billion yuan. It can be seen, with the rapid development of things, the development of mobile Internet of Things will be leaps and bounds, is growing rapidly.

    It is reported that U.S. carriers such as AT & T and Verizon are doing things to prepare industry. At present China's major mobile phone operators in the joint chain of things related to various links on the subject, it is vigorously promoting the mobile Internet of things in government, business, automotive, financial, transport and logistics, energy, health care and other fields. Among them, the most important things the Chinese mobile telecommunications technology "wing pass," not only provide users with the traditional mobile communications services, can be achieved through the mobile phone access, attendance, cafeteria consumption, information dissemination and other services.

    In addition, there will be a combination of smart phones and e-commerce is one of the important mobile phone features of things. For example, a company launched "Online parity" is the cell phones and combination of things is an important application. Go to the supermarket for consumers, smart phones only need to hold against the bar code, smart phone will automatically capture, and the price of the supermarket network of institutions and e-commerce price comparison, convenient purchase.

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