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Residents of many provinces increased tariff protection limit of high energy electric power

      June 1, the 15 provincial non-residential use of electricity price increases, electricity price increase is 2 points, while the sales price is 1.67. Development and Reform Commission also made a statement,ratchet tie dowm DSM work to do to ensure that residents living in key areas of electricity, never allow the pull limit of residential electricity consumption; strict compliance projects and excessive expansion of the power of high energy consumption enterprises , Yajian unreasonable demand, promote structural adjustment and development patterns.

     In response to the "power shortage", many provinces increased price, limited protection residential electricity consumption of high energy consumption, multi also think that this will ease power shortage situation. , But our experts in many related industries under the pot of cold water was poured, said the current electricity shortage is due to inter-regional power transmission capacity of the lack of other reasons, increased electricity prices will not ease the power shortage situation will continue to face the most severe summer The electricity shortage.

     National Grid Company yesterday also predicted that "three of China"(North, East, Central) "power shortage"will be summer, winter and spread to 2012 and even 2013. Since May 11 provinces and cities nationwide have since adopted the "Orderly power"measures, the adjustment of electricity consumption in the active policy, national network, and other enterprises are also actively participating. Ease electricity shortage, the country, the whole society into action, regardless of whether the policies and measures at this stage can really end the electricity shortage, but I believe that the efforts of the whole country, bringing together all the Chinese people's wisdom, we will Through the "power shortage" crisis. HC electrical network will continue to focus on further progress in this matter.

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