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Applications: electrostatic induction cable troubleshooting

    Electrostatic induction perimeter of a very sensitive detector sensors. To ensure proper use of the system, give full play to its functions, be sure to install the officers before the construction project carefully read the product instructions for use, determine the fault detection prior to double-check the cable, ground wire,ratchet tie dowm power lines, whether the product that installed correctly, and then power for 5 minutes after test:

    Does not work or do not switch signal output

    1) Observe the detector housing check the power indicator (green), green light indicates that power is not good or did not take power;

   booster cables 2) Check the power light is tamper switch, opening the cover test should be tamper switch depressed;

    3) The flashing red light alarm, but no digital output (disconnect signal detector and the host cable with a multimeter for continuity testing), and you should check the motherboard plug-and eight-pin plug without shedding phenomenon.

   battery clip 4) load that did not answer the probe cable, the detector must be received at least 3m probe cable, aerial cable and probe set, and on the ground or wall to keep at least 20cm spacing;

    5) The flashing yellow light on the detector, then one by one, remove the probe cable, the yellow light is off when it is removed to illustrate the cable with the casing or ground short circuit, feeder should be checked with the probe head and the feeder cable joints, pay attention to feeder cable shield is not connected probe.tow rope When the detector probe cable more than nominal value, the yellow light is also flashing.

    Continuous Alarm

    1) detection of line to ground.

    2) The ground wire is not connected, mainly the grounding resistance.

    3) Two or more probes sharing a ground, separated from each detector and the ground 2 meters above the ground the pile spacing.

    4) In direct sunlight or strong wind conditions, continuous heavy rain warning, it is proposed detector placed in waterproof boxes.

    5) detection of barbed wire around the cable to the ground and with the detector is separated from ground, must not be shared. Barbed wire and electronic fences should be maintained at a distance more than 30cm.

    Occasionally alarm

    1) sensitivity is too high, toggle switch can reduce the sensitivity. (1 files and 4 files in turn increases), the detector can be

    Switch to work mode.

    2) detection range with branches or moving objects, should be within 1 meter away from the probe cable can be a moving object removal.

    Low sensitivity

    1) detection of cable from the wall or fence a short distance away;

    2) The long probe cable (super thick) or ultra-range detection sensitivity is too low even with the work will result in unstable, please use the recommended detection line.

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