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RF coaxial connectors, 2010 industry outlook

    RF coaxial connector is connected to electrical lines of mechanical and electrical components, electrical transmission lines serve to connect or disconnect the role of failure mechanism is a more complex mechatronic products. RF coaxial connector known as RF connectors.booster cables "R" is RADOI (radio frequency) the first letter, "F" is the FREQUENCY (frequency) of the first letter.

    One. RF coaxial connector development profiles.

    RF coaxial connector (hereinafter referred to as RF connector) is generally considered to be connected to the cable installed or installed as a component in the instrument,battery clip as a transmission line electrical connection or separation of components. It belongs to mechatronics products. Simply say it is mainly from the bridge.

    Compared with other electronic components, RF connectors short history of the development. tow rope UHF 1930 appears the first RF connector is a connector. To World War II, needed because of the war, with the radar, the development of radio and microwave communications, resulting in a N, C, BNC, TNC, and other medium-sized series, after 1958, the SMA, SMB, SMC and other minor products , established in 1964, the U.S. military standard MIL-C-39012 "General Specification for RF coaxial connectors," thereby, RF connectors started to standardization, serialization, universal direction.

    Time in sixty years, through the joint efforts of national experts, to form a separate RF connectors complete professional system, a connector an important part of the family.ratchet tie dowm Coaxial transmission system is an essential key components. United States, Britain, France and other countries of the RF connector developed a leading position in technology, the design, production, testing, use of technology has the complete set, tend to improve not only the formation of a complete standard system, and raw materials, transportation assistance materials, test system , assembly tools, have also been standardized, and the professional scale production.

    II. RF coaxial connectors professional features.

    1. Different specifications and more: International General Series 20, Specification for more.

    2. By mechanical structures to ensure electrical characteristics, is a mechanical and electrical integration products, and other low-frequency type connectors are essentially different.

    3. Parts processing mainly turning machining, assembly manual work and more difficult for automated assembly.

    4. Product replacement slow.

    5. Is an integral electrical connector part, belong to certain technical content of the labor-intensive products.

    6. Product reliability, failure mode and failure mechanism complex.

    III. Domestic RF connector industry status quo.

    China from the 60's by the whole plant development and production of RF connectors. 70, began a professional manufacturer of production, 80 years ago in accordance with the principle of self-reliance in order to imitate the Soviet products, 80 years since the adoption of international standards to develop and produce international standard products, mainly dominated by state-owned and collective enterprises, start to appear and some private, joint ventures and foreign companies. RF connectors to the present, has hundreds of manufacturers, but the scale is not large, the backbone of manufacturers means of production, the production level of universal connector has with foreign par.

    IV. China RF connector industry problems.

    1. Strength of thin, too small.

    2. In the old concept of market competition, civilian market has emerged the case of sales below cost, there have also other matters of unfair competition.

    3. Poor awareness of globalization, can not adapt to new economic era.

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