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Japan Auto Parts Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province will be landing

    Danyang City and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) jointly launched the "Japan Auto Parts SME clusters" based Danyang Japanese Auto Parts Industrial Park, the park will be put into operation in November this year.

    Japan led the local manufacturing industry suffered after the earthquake hit, the Japanese Finance Ministry on May 25 announced in April the initial value of trade statistics show that auto exports dropped 67% year on year,ratchet tie dowm to 255.3 billion yen, the highest since at least January 1979 record. Plastic mold and metal, according to international industry leader Luo Baihui Suppliers Association, at present, overseas Japanese companies to accelerate the transfer of the industrial chain in the automotive industry chain in a marginal position in the medium and small auto parts company, booster cables also began leveraging Danyang, Jiangsu, etc. new parts industrial base, setting off a new wave of industrial chain transfer.

    The next 3 years, 300 enterprises will enter the

    May 24, battery clip Danyang Economic Development Zone in the "Japan Auto Parts Industry Park" project sign has appeared. Japan Auto Parts Industrial Park, adjacent to, the Group is the million of new investment was low-speed electric vehicle production project.

    After a flat in this land, workers are busy building walls puzzle. Reporters on the scene to see the project description "JAPIC (Japan Auto Parts Industrial Park) to introduce the Japanese medium and small enterprises,tow rope will create the domestic first-class auto parts industry professional park is divided into four functional areas: metal processing, electrical and electronic , resin and rubber, fiber and other. "

    According to reports, Danyang City, Jiangsu Province, located in the south, is located in the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta, 200 kilometers west of Shanghai, Nanjing, 68 km west of the east, Wujin District, Changzhou City, New District, Zhenjiang City Dantu District, west, Jurong City, South and Jintan border. The total area of ??1059 square kilometers, household population of 80.8 million people, governs 13 towns, a provincial-level development zones. 2010, the city GDP607 billion, 8.0 billion in total fiscal revenue, general budget income of 3.0 billion yuan, increased 14.7%, 26.9% and 30.4%; fixed asset investment of 300 billion yuan, up 50%; industrial sales revenue 138 700 000 000 yuan, up 33.3%; urban residents per capita disposable income of 23,015 yuan, rural per capita net income of 11,446 yuan, up 10.7% and 13.8%. Currently, Danyang, Jiangsu Province, comprehensive strength ranks the top ten counties (cities) No. 8, basic economic competitiveness ranking hundred counties (cities) 16, is National Health City, Jiangsu Province, social security safety City, was named " Chinese Harmonious Cities ", in the third" most investment value of the Yangtze River Delta cities and counties "in the selection won the" most competitive awards, "and was selected by the World Brand Organization, the United States Chamber of Commerce trade and investment and harmonious social organization of joint global co-operation named the "Top 200 cities with Chinese characteristics and charm."

    Danyang long history, the site witnessed domestic Ge Danyang City is the birthplace of Wu culture. Yunyang Yap set the Warring States Period, Qin Dynasty in 221 BC established, set Yunyang County, and soon changed its name to Que county. Tian Tang Dynasty (742 years), because there were many within the growth of "red poplar", "red" and "Dan" synonymous, "Yang" and "yang" homonym, after taking "Danfengchaoyang" means , naming, Danyang. Danyang old times, the great virtues and the Spring and Autumn Period, the wise and sage - Hideko seclusion of land, is the hometown of the Southern Qi Liang emperors. Western Jin Yu Ru spring, Southern rock carvings, the Mid and bronze bell, Song Jia Temple, Ming Wan Shan Tower, and many other attractions, Danyang saturated with heavy cultural heritage. To protect and develop the rich historical and cultural heritage, Danyang is planning to build a scope of 66 square kilometers of culture and technology industrial park.

    Danyang industry and distinctive features, the development of a strong vitality. Glasses, hardware tools, auto parts, wood and other special industries larger, higher grade in the country to enjoy "glasses of all," "Lighting the World", "drill Kingdom", "wood aircraft carrier," the name is "Jiangsu Provincial hardware export base "," glasses production base in China "," glasses export base in China "," Chinese spectacles City "," East China Lamps "," China Auto Parts City, "and other well-known professional market. 2010, the optical industry, the country's total annual output of Frame 1 / 3 lenses accounted for 80%, accounting for more than 50% of the world, hardware tools, auto parts, wood and annual sales of more than 100 billion yuan. Danyang is a new material base of National Torch Plan, is the one of the three national IPR pilot counties. In recent years, new materials, new energy, new equipment and other new industry is developing rapidly, the world's first "coal-glycol" 20-ton industrial projects have been put into operation, Wei Hua superalloy achieved with the large aircraft facilities, carbon fiber, vinegar anhydride, the third generation of fire engines and other products to fill the gap. Number of ecological city and the Finnish planning and construction of Sun City, Apollo focus Danyang is to develop new energy industry and building low-carbon city. In the process of expanding industries, Danyang in talent introduction, technological innovation, brand building, financial innovation and other aspects of the characteristics of bright spots. Currently, there are 55 returnees entrepreneurial innovation and high-level team of 108 high-level business entrepreneurship and innovation talent in Danyang, 2 of whom appeared in the "National thousand plan." The city has a 2 national and 8 provincial-level post-doctoral workstations, five academicians workstations, the provincial capital into major scientific and technological projects for 4 consecutive years the amount of county-level city in the province ranked first. Heavenly province's first small loan companies, small loan companies now reached five, the first village bank has been listed operations. 7 listed companies in the city's total, 30 enterprises to be listed, based on more than 70 listed companies.

    Currently, Danyang is the scientific development concept, standing "five-second" new starting point, to create "full of innovation and dynamism of the modern city", building a prosperous, civilized and harmonious Sunan Jiang City. The total area of ??310 acres of the park, with a total construction area of ??103,000 square meters, including a 25 million square meters, is expected to be put into operation in November this year. According to the plan, Japan Auto Parts Industrial Park will be divided into two phases, one largely JAPIC (Japan Auto Parts Industrial Park), the second is JAEIC (Japan Automobile Equipment Industrial Park).

    Danyang Economic Development Zone Investment Promotion Bureau, deputy director of economic Yin Hui told reporters, according to the two sides agreed to sign the Japanese auto parts companies will produce high-tech products are shipped to Danyang. In the project approval process, China will strictly related to project approval.

    Affected by the earthquake in Japan, Japan's parts supply system was stagnant, thus causing a huge impact on automobile manufacturers. Therefore, small parts manufacturers in Japan to overseas factories will continue to speed up the pace.

    "Expected end of this year, the Japan Automobile Parts Industrial Park (JAPIC) will be stationed in 30-50 companies, will enter the next three years 300 Japanese parts companies." Yan Hui said.

    Standing on this site is under construction, the Hui Yin point to the distant ground, "said the village had been to the northern region will be JAEIC (Japan Automobile Equipment Industrial Park) of the production base. Expected the end of 2012, JAEIC will be put into use. "

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