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Development of new energy power solar thermal power generation ready trillion flowing

    New solar thermal energy power generation industry was out in the cold, are now trying to head to catch up. However, just start light and heat industry has hidden mystery.

    When the domestic wind power and photovoltaic power generation turbulent time, light and heat generation near-forgotten. But history of the pointer to 2011, everything began to change. With the beginning of the project in Inner Mongolia 50 MW solar trough the opening, solar thermal power industry began to ready made power.

    At the same time, June 1, the National Development and Reform Commission officially implemented the "Guiding Catalogue of Industrial Structure Adjustment (2011 version)", which encouraged the new category in the new energy, ratchet tie dowm solar thermal power generation is the most important position. At this point, photovoltaic solar thermal companies to catch up once again ignited the enthusiasm of enterprises.

    Although the cost of solar thermal power generation and technology still faces two obstacles need to be overcome, but still have great confidence in the industry. CCID Consulting general manager of new energy Xiaoning believe in an interview: "In the future the application of solar thermal power generation will have better prospects than the PV."

    In terms of business, policy or market expectations of view, a vigorous wave of light and heat power generation seems to hit.

    Ready to make trouble

    All along, the solar water heater will be seen as a synonym for solar thermal business. Leader of Jiangsu at Solar Limited (Japan Leader) Chairman Yu Wang Hui in March this year, the forum feeling of new energy, light and heat more than 2,000 enterprises in China, but not a truly public company.

    Compared to Wang Hui pessimism over 973 solar thermal power project chief scientist Huang Xiang gave light and heat the domestic enterprises drew a big "cake." He predicts that if in 2020 to reach 3 million square kilometers of solar thermal power development, will be able to solve the country's total electricity consumption 30% to 35%, solar thermal power generation market up to 22.5 to 30 trillion yuan.

    In fact, solar thermal power generation in China, though started late, but in Spain, the United States, the United States and Europe, solar thermal power generation has a certain scale. Solar thermal power is becoming a world-wide field of renewable energy investment.

    Compared with thermal power generation, photovoltaic power generation seems to be a national priority, currently under construction and has signed a total capacity of solar photovoltaic power generation has reached 1.4 million kilowatts, and solar thermal power market has not yet formed, the two form great contrast.

    Stimulation in the huge, solar thermal projects are from behind the stage. June 1, 2010, Taiwan's first 70 kilowatts of solar thermal power tower system in Nanjing through the identification and acceptance. In the same year on July 1, Asia's first solar thermal tower power plant under construction in Beijing Yanqing. January 20 this year, 50-megawatt solar thermal power generation demonstration project began concession tender.

    Missed opportunity for the PV industry enterprises, are also have to look aimed at the light and heat. Currently, solar heaters, Long Yuan Electric Power, force Norit, Hunan Electric shares, Hai Duong and other enterprises in the current thermal power generation have increased the investment in the field of light.

    Solar heaters, such as Qinghai Golmud is closely tracking the 1,000-megawatt thermal power generation projects; in Haiyang investment in Chengdu a mirror solar concentrator thermal power project, a total investment of 500 million yuan; and May 21, Qinghai new construction of 100 MW in new projects appeared in the CPI figure.

    In Wang Xiaoning view, photovoltaic power generation vary in size from a few kilowatts to hundreds of megawatts range, but the solar thermal power generation is typical of economies of scale, as the scale increases, the lower cost of electricity. Open terrain in the northwest region of China, if large-scale construction, will greatly reduce the equipment investment costs.

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