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« Development of new energy power solar thermal power generation ready trillion flowingInnovative inverter is the key to the development of PV market »

New Energy reserves the East China Sea "bonanza"wait Development

     48 Qushan island towering wind turbines, the wind whistling turn, maintain the island's power supply; from Zhoushan Dinghai Metro access road to the old town, a row of new wind and solar street light stands on both sides, turning the small Wind turbine and solar photovoltaic panels are being absorbed into the lights of the electricity supply; Zhoushan, a shipbuilding company, is building China's first single-gas instead of fuel oil the ship ... ...

     ratchet tie dowm Zhoushan people have to look forward to low-carbon life: Most of the daily use of solar photovoltaic power or wind power; housing summer cooling and winter heating can be supplied by the ground source heat pump wells; it was getting dark, standing in the street on both sides of the solar street lamps Will be lit; roof mounted solar panels to collect the day after the adoption of solar water heaters, providing a steady stream of hot water ... ...

     "Zhejiang marine economic development demonstration area planning" make, and actively develop wind and tidal energy and other renewable energy, optimizing energy supply structure. At this point, wind energy, tide energy and other resource-rich offshore Zhoushan is actively developing wind power, ocean current power generation and other new energy "bonanza. " It is worth mentioning that the trend can Zhoushan has considerable development potential, some experts have estimated the trend of development resources account for 50% of energy resources.

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