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Innovative inverter is the key to the development of PV market

  Several recent reports show that about 59% of the cost of photovoltaic project failure is caused by the PV inverter, and the startling numbers once again confirmed the GTM market research firm market for PV inverters and their technical An in-depth assessment of the relevance of the show. However, the good news is that the new round of GTM analysis of a new generation of inverter technology (large-scale and home use markets) is expected to make major improvements to this, more importantly, can significantly increase the scale of PV equipment of public utilities applicability, and the subsidy rate for tariff reduction in the case of equipment used for the residential customers a higher rate of return.

    ratchet tie dowm "Advanced photovoltaic inverter technology to improve the operation of solar energy in commercial viability." GTM analyst, booster cables this report of MJShiao said, "in large systems, such as the breakdown voltage and reactive power through support Network support features will make it more applicable to public utilities and grid operators scale equipment to the integration of photovoltaic power generation equipment to the power grid. With the small-scale installation of equipment, micro-inverters and distributed power optimizer shows their lower installation costs, improve system performance potential. "

    battery clip According to the report, "Global PV inverter Panorama - 2011-2015, technology and market trends" (TheGlobalPVInverterLandscape: TechnologyandMarketTrends ,2011-2015) reports that a large number of new technologies under development. The new model will be equally so far have been regarded as the "chosen few" impact on the existing market leader.

    tow rope to GTM, said 61% of the global PV inverter market is SMA, Power-One, Kaco companies such as new energy and occupied by Fronius. Not only the major emerging companies need to continue to innovate in order to enhance competitiveness, while the market outside Europe with the formation of continuous and rapid development, the European markets also need to diversify or face from the U.S. and Asian manufacturers competition.

    "With the PV inverter industry has expanded to Europe, we will face from other places such as North America and China, emerging markets, business competition regional practitioners." Shiao, said, "In the technical differences and banks discounting to establish a link between the inverter become the focus of manufacturers to pursue, especially those optimized for distributed power generation and inverter business of new enterprises. these enterprises in 2010, shipments increased more than threefold, in 2015 and has the potential to reach 4.6GW. "

    Mentioned in this report at the problem, one of the components referred to the recent level of intelligent electronic devices, including the DC / DC converter and inverter optimize return on the same called "distributed generation optimization" category next.

    This report said that distributed generation technology can optimize the conversion rate increased compared to many of the traditional inverter and will be the "only available within the next decade, the importance of technology to improve product performance."

    In view of micro-inverters and power optimizer market in 2009 increased to 50MW installed capacity of 164MW installed capacity in 2010, this assertion should not be underestimated.

    Real sense to provide the equipment and technology differentiation opportunities for integration of intelligent components transformation is proposed in this report, another area of ??concern, although the related issue has been inseparable from the bankability consideration.

    Related issues from the report is not difficult to find a more detailed discussion, the worries are not unfounded. Stability and the SunEdison photovoltaic power plants and other project developers cause of the malfunction of the field survey carried out have shown that the inverter is the key reason causing these failures. Previously, the software elements often referred to is caused by the PV inverter to do frequent reason for failure.

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