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« Innovative inverter is the key to the development of PV marketWind power equipment manufacturing industry because of security problems deceleration »

Sharp developed the "ultimate power-saving" zero consumption of residential AC

    8 Sharp announced that they started in Osaka, Japan a power consumption of traditional energy-saving housing experiment to zero,ratchet tie dowm residential appliances are used in solar cells and other new energy sources, and DC. Experiments are designed for the home to automatically control power consumption in order to achieve the "ultimate energy saving,booster cables "the goal.

    The two energy-saving wood frame residential construction, construction area of ??271 square meters,battery clip the electricity supply from solar cells and batteries, the use of direct current. Residential use of electricity by the system within the control, and use the same electrical power consumption compared to traditional residential slashed.

    This all use LED lighting in residential, light switch by the sensor. Researchers are currently trying to battery electric vehicle technology into this energy-saving housing. AC appliances and traditional residential use is different from the residential development of the use of direct current with the latest air-conditioning,tow rope TV, refrigerator and other appliances. However, the popularity of DC appliances, yet to solve the security and standardization issues, it is probably at least 10 years.

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