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« Wind power equipment manufacturing industry because of security problems decelerationIndustrial Solar announced the completion of the placing and subscription of 35 million new shares »

The leading domestic enterprises explosive solar thermal power industry

   Solar thermal power generation is becoming a national energy giant, the focus of a new race. Independently developed by China 10KW (kW) solar concentrator dish power system prototype, recently Shizuishan testing and commissioning.

    June 1, ratchet tie dowm the National Development and Reform Commission promulgated the "Guiding Catalogue of Industrial Structure Adjustment (2011 version)," officially implemented in the new Catalogue for the Guidance encouraged category in the new energy, solar thermal power is placed in a prominent position. The industry believes that domestic enterprises have pre-empted, seize the initiative, solar thermal market is about to start a new round of outbreak.

    Experts suggested that the state should be considered for integration of power plants an opportunity to do business,booster cables domestic business as long as 3-4 months to complete commercial projects, the whole industry chain will be more complete.

    Thermal power generation cost reduction potential: The U.S. solar thermal power station construction, battery clip the average cost is about $ 4,000 / KW, power generation cost of about USD 0.12-0.18 per kWh, the average domestic solar thermal power plant construction cost is estimated at 1.5 million / KW or so. Constant breakthroughs in core technologies and the development of large-scale industry will be significantly lower construction costs and operating costs, making solar thermal power generation and power generation cost compared to traditional competitive. tow rope 2015, solar thermal power generation cost of electricity will reach USD 0.08-0.11 per kWh by 2020, less than $ 0.07 per kWh. Meanwhile, the global solar thermal power into the high-speed development period: the world's leading solar power equipment Ge started to build model, the development of light and heat technology.

    Thermal plate in the early focus on the formation of two types of stocks, one is solar thermal power system development and project construction enterprises, such as shares of Tianwei Group and the three flowers, the two companies have begun to solar thermal power plant project planning; The other is related to the core thermal power generation materials and equipment manufacturers, including the development of solar Stirling engine air-scale production of solar power and gold glass crystal technology.

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