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Escort Child Safety: Breaking the socket "double-action to protect the door of love."

     Prevention of child electric shock, the hardware protection education should be more important than verbal!

    Today, a wide range of household appliances and the growing popularity, although to make life with a lot of convenience,ratchet tie dowm but also to bring a lot of children growing security risks. Authority figures, children with a very strong curiosity and curiosity of the unknown, leading to the likelihood of an accident several times higher than adults, "electric shock" booster cables accident is one of them. According to relevant survey results show that children caused by the sockets of electric shock accident showed an increasing trend, "child electrical safety" has become a topic of much concern to the community!

    In fact, household electricity as the "last hurdle", sockets, plugs and so difficult to be completely hidden, it is easy access to children. As many children as they would their own "toys", holding the touch to touch, with a finger poke back and forth in a jack plug socket, and even tweezers, small blade,battery clip iron, pencil and other "tools" for digging ... ... they can bring significant harm to the children and even life-threatening "curious behavior," so many parents a headache!

    Children's natural that, even for a moment the parents are unable to leave the care. How, then, basically to prevent,tow rope eliminate dangerous happen? Parenting experts say: use protection design with the safety of children is the most easy way socket means peace of mind.

    Currently, marketed power converters or power outlet, most of them just to play the role of connecting electrical appliances and power, does not have electric shock protection. Some products are taken to protect the door or the installation of plastic jack cover the practice, intended to prevent children from electric shock, but these are easy to remove the cover or protection can open the door gently poke the product, not only can not solve the problem, but more likely to cause the child's curiosity, which led to contact with an accident!

    In this regard, the industry launched a brand break through the outlet with a national patent of the "love double-action protection door" technology, child safety escort. The breakthrough technology enables fully enclosed electric socket holes, both to avoid foreign bodies falling into the socket causing a short circuit routine, but also prevent children from using foreign objects poke plug, can also plug in error and prevent the phenomenon of electric shock. Particularly unusual is that the plug socket comfort break, after up to 5000 mating cycles after the "double-action to protect the door of love" hole is still able to reach the national standard control, quality more secure! In this sense, the breakthroughs socket 'love double-action to protect the door, "patented technology, is undoubtedly more reliable.

    As a facilitator and develop new national standard one, breaking the electrical principle of "technology to create a safe, caring cast quality" concept, to provide users' power to create a better environment. " The socket's breakthrough, long the industry is to be called "security guards", always pilot "good outlet standard"!

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