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Sichuan Shuangliu mass production "Made in China" thin-film solar cells

    June 15, by the Chinese to invest in the construction Holding Group, the world's largest single-plant production of silicon thin film solar cell projects in the Economic Development Zone Shuangliu Xihanggang put into operation, which marked China's own intellectual property rights of thin-film solar cells production a major breakthrough.

    Hina Holdings as the layout of the country's photovoltaic industry base, after nearly a year of construction and equipment, ratchet tie dowm commissioning and efficient construction, the Sichuan Chinese can be silicon-based thin film photovoltaic solar cell R & D Co., Ltd. manufacturing base one put into operation, the project fully completed put into operation will achieve an annual capacity of 1000MW, the annual sales income of $ 11.7 billion, providing 5000 jobs, and promote other new energy related industries.

    Founded in 1994,booster cables Hina Holding Group is China's largest private clean energy companies. Headquartered in Beijing, several provinces in China and North America, battery clip Europe, Asia and other regions with offices. Solar PV industry-led, in Sichuan, Guangdong, Hainan, Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangsu and invest in solar energy industry research and manufacture base in 2012, total capacity is expected that the base will be more than 2GW. By then, the Chinese can Holdings will become the world's largest thin film solar cell manufacturers.

    Silicon thin-film solar cells, low cost, low-light response is good, the energy return of the short duration of other advantages.tow rope With the first generation of crystalline silicon solar cell technology, compared with non-polluting, low cost, high average power output advantage, is widely used in large-scale photovoltaic power plants, but also for residents of the roof power generation, building integrated photovoltaic and other fields. Hina Holdings for the second generation of technology digestion, absorption, re-innovation, to make silicon thin film solar module production capacity of 300MW, battery photoelectric conversion rate of 10%.

    Sichuan Shuangliu solar energy industry research and manufacture base is Hina Holdings PV industry production base in the second, the main production base of thin-film solar cells and modules.

    Lead the photovoltaic industry, double high improvement.

    "Five" the first year, the province ranked for 15 consecutive years as the county's comprehensive economic strength of the "top ten counties' top of the Shuangliu County, in the" two first two demonstration "and vying to be advanced target position based on the proposed new goal: taking the lead in realizing modernization in the Midwest.

    To achieve new strategic goals, efforts to promote the development of new strategic industries, from January to May this year, the new energy industry functional areas to achieve the main business income 8.2 billion.

    "Seize the high ground of new industries, new energy industry as a leader, to accelerate industrial upgrading, efforts to build one hundred billion yuan level of new energy industry cluster." Shuangliu County Zhouxian Yi said.

    Standing at a new historical starting point, high starting point plan, Shuangliu with "one production city" concept, the construction of the "New Energy and Industrial City." As the industry becomes more complete package, bringing together more and more highlight effects.

    Currently, Xihanggang Chinese Economic Development Zone has been gathered to PV, Tianwei New Energy, Sunbeam silicon industry, the major Chinese power 32 new energy projects, total investment of 72 billion yuan agreement, the basic form of the Han to light V, Tianwei New Energy, Sunbeam silicon industry as a leader, with CSG PV special glass, a new source of Light as the supporting solar energy industry cluster; to Sichuan to open the Group as a leader, to Reddy machinery for supporting civilian nuclear energy industry cluster; to Chengdu good as the leading wind power and other industrial clusters, forming a "gathered more than R & D centers, a number of technical route in hand, a variety of category product output," the pattern of industrial development.

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