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vOp solar: 1.2 billion to build the largest low-carbon community in Guizhou

    May 21, 2011, Sinan County, Guizhou and Chongqing Opp solar water heater Co., Ltd. signed an agreement. The two sides reached a consensus op will invest 1.2 billion yuan in the construction of op Sinan manufacturing base for new energy and new energy to create the biggest carbon Guizhou area.

    Opp company by the Hong Kong financial sector, Beijing and Chengdu, the construction industry consortium jointly three environmentalists heavily invested hundreds of millions of western China to build largest solar energy companies.ratchet tie dowm It is understood that new energy production base is located in Opp xiashaojia Bridge Industrial Zone, Guizhou plant total investment of 1.2 billion, covering about 300 acres of planned investment projects in two phases: first phase investment of 100 million yuan for the construction of solar thermal and solar photovoltaic industry,booster cables resistors and LED light construction industry; two investment of 1.1 billion yuan, Guizhou Province, the largest used to build new low carbon energy residential area. The project will officially start construction in June of this year. Currently,battery clip demolition work has already started land acquisition.

    Meanwhile, Ian county government want to respond to "build an ecological Ian, the development of low-carbon economy" line of work, the way the use of government subsidies to promote solar water heaters in the local application,tow rope the two sides have signed intent to purchase 10,000 units water heater agreement. This is the overall strength of the op highly recognized brand. Op general manager, said Wang Yi as the new residential building low-carbon energy future for the op used a "cross-border integration" model to the output energy saving design solutions for real estate the way to cooperate with the developer to provide the opportunity to practice Opp will also lay the foundation for further market leader in the western.

    Opp companies chose to cooperate, Sinan said, partly because of Chongqing and Sinan separated by more recent, op companies account for regional advantage; more importantly, since 2009, a strong entry into the solar thermal industry, the Austrian general development of the company always focus on the construction of green buildings, and create a lot of success stories. Sinan County, Chongqing will be the future development of low-carbon economy as an example, the carbon combines industrial and economic restructuring, combined with the urban construction, combined with technological innovation, through a joint approach between government and enterprises to promote "eco-Sinan," the construction of .

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