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PV hardware prices fell sharply in June

      As the European subsidy policy changes and policy uncertainty leading manufacturers of photovoltaic products inventory, in June the solar photovoltaic industry chain sharp decline in overall product prices.

     June solar value chain index, the monthly spot price of polysilicon solar grade decreased by 28% to 53.4 U.S. dollars / kg, the prices of downstream wafer and solar cell manufacturers to reduce the pressure. The 6-inch silicon wafer prices in June fell 23 percent to $ 2.39 / piece low. More downstream of the polycrystalline silicon prices fell 15 percent to $ 0.92 / watt.

     PV module prices in June,ratchet tie dowm also at a slower rate of decline, the price of crystalline silicon components fell 6.5% to $ 1.68 / watt. China manufacturer of the component prices have a greater discount, $ 1.49 / W, in addition to component manufacturers outside of China the price was higher, averaging $ 1.79 / watt. The current price of PV modules the third quarter of 2008 fell 58%.

     Overall, the future of photovoltaic industry is expected to further decline in prices will be. BNEF solar analyst MartinSimonek said that the current market over-supply of PV modules, the manufacturer hopes to market, reduce inventory, the market is due to the purchaser in the reduction of subsidies, need to be more expensive PV components. Manufacturers need to be prepared through a painful phase, some manufacturers may even withdraw from this solar energy industry.

     BNEF CEO MichaelLiebreich that means the current price of photovoltaic products, solar abundant areas, large-scale photovoltaic power generation project costs can be lowered to 18 cents / kWh, the cost of photovoltaic power generation can be the roof down 20 cents / kWh. In contrast, parts of the U.S. tariff of 20-25 cents a day / kWh. PV prices fall again on fossil fuels will increase its competitive power.

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