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Things to build five major challenges facing the development of smart city

    Internet, the human society into the "information age", and things of the mission is to make human beings into the "wisdom of the times." June 17, 2011 China Industrial Development Forum of things, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Bo-Hu Li believes that the future of the city should be "smart city", to be able to include the people's livelihood, environmental protection, public safety, city services, including industrial and commercial activities intelligent response to a variety of needs, to promote the human, capital, technology and other elements of the optimal allocation of resources, promote economic and social, population, resources and environmental development. In the "smart city" construction, technology, things come in handy.

     The machine Guoxin Industrial Co., Ltd. Chairman Jiang Guoping data services that, through the data,ratchet tie dowm "Pan in the aggregate," things will humanity into the "wisdom of the times."

     "The Internet era has created numerous 0 and 1 by the data ocean, but unfortunately, rely on it to generate various types of data, operation and management of specialized systems, once we leave the system, it becomes an unrecognized junk information, and we hope that through the data 'ubiquitous aggregation', to wear uniforms all types of data, given a unique identifier in order to achieve the properties of the common people to recognize them. As a result, things will bring humanity into a 'wisdom of the big bang' era. "Jiang Guoping said.

     Liu Yunjie Chinese Academy of Engineering believes that although the development of promising things, but still faces five challenges. First, the technology industry is not strong, yet lack the core chip and sensor technology; the second is the current standard is still relatively fragmented, lack of uniform standards, low degree of standardization, interoperability is poor, involving a large number of international organizations, coordination difficult; third of Things personalized strong market still needs training, business models need to be improved; fourth chain complex and requires a strong integration of those who need to further break down trade barriers to the sharing of resources; 5 is the face of national security and personal privacy threats and challenges.

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