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Comments: From Scarcity to power to change who is responsible?

    In 2002, the State Electricity Regulatory Committee for the power industry the need of market-oriented reforms established. According to the State Department authorization, the SERC is in accordance with laws and regulations to perform a unified national electricity regulatory duties are ministerial-level institutions. But for years, "power shortage" a growing problem, but has no power to change clues. Recently, a State Electricity Regulatory Commission officials to the media revealed the plight of the current regulatory SERC, "right to monitor, unable to monitor, can not be monitored, nothing can be monitored."

    "Shortage" disaster

    Summer,ratchet tie dowm peak comes, the "shortage" is also from the local areas to spread across the country.

    Although the State Department issued a notice on several occasions expressly prohibited acts of power cuts, but nearly three months, in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui and other provinces or the emergence of the phenomenon of power cuts. Shanghai Baoshan Iron and Steel Company has disclosed to the media, from June to September peak period, the power sector for its production base in Shanghai will be the implementation of certain measures to limit power.

    This year, the National Development and Reform Commission has twice raised the electricity price, coal price upside down trying to ease the losses caused by power plants, electricity shortage caused by the problem of electricity shortage.

    In April, the National Development and Reform Commission raised the electricity price 16 provinces and cities, the average increase of about 1.2 points, but did not end up selling price.

    May 30, the NDRC announced that industrial electricity price increases in some areas, civil price unchanged. Adjustment, the 15 provinces the average electricity price increase of about 2 minutes, average sales price increase of about 1.67.

    But with the arrival of summer peak electricity shortfall has not been significantly improved. Public information, "power shortage" hit Hunan Province, the power shortage has reached nearly 1 / 3.

    China Electricity Council Xue Jing, director of statistics had told the media that this year will be the most severe power shortage since 2004, the year, but no shortage, "bottom." A conservative estimate the national power supply shortfall in 3000 million kilowatts.

    State Grid Corporation of Marketing Department of the Ren Susheng forecast of further exacerbated if the coal supply and demand, and the drought continued to affect the hydro-electric power, and a sustained abnormal high temperatures, the power gap will expand to 40 million kilowatts. Next two years, power supply and demand tension will continue to deteriorate. Maximum power shortfall expected in 2012 about 50 million kilowatts by 2013 if the situation does not change, the maximum power shortfall will be more than 70 million kilowatts.

    SERC embarrassment

    In 2002, the State Electricity Regulatory Commission set up by electricity instead.

    Initially, the relevant provisions of the State Council, SERC's main responsibilities are: development of electricity market operation rules, regulating the market operation and maintenance of fair competition; according to market conditions, the price to the government department in charge of tariff adjustment proposal; quality supervision and inspection of electricity production standards, issue and manage electric power business license; processing power market disputes; responsible for overseeing the implementation of social policy of universal service.

    Although the State Electricity Regulatory Commission for the ministerial-level institutions, but its terms are quite marginal. As the limited mandate, the SERC in the electricity market regulation, market development and reform, there is no room for display.

    Recently, a State Electricity Regulatory Commission officials to the media of the current State Electricity Regulatory Commission regulatory difficulties. "We have difficult work to find their place and starting point, an urgent need for clearer positioning and functions of the State Council, which is the work of SERC in the greatest confusion in practice," State Electricity Regulatory Commission officials said.

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