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Fukushima nuclear power plant cooling water purification system began operation start

   BEIJING, June 27, ratchet tie dowm according to Kyodo News,booster cables Tokyo Electric Power Company 27, officially started the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima high-radiation waste water purification systems, and re-use processed water into the reactor for cooling operation again.

    battery clip It is reported that the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima 1-3 units a day were nearly 400 tons into the cooling water, tow rope before water is pumped from a nearby, so the water leakage from the reactor and gradually accumulate in the plant, etc., to ensure that the East has been suffering from water power storage space.

    Report said that the purification system is responsible for removal of units shipped from the sewage of oil, radioactive substances and salt. At this stage the maximum daily capacity is 480 tons. In as of Tuesday morning's test run, handled a total of about 1850 tons, equivalent to about 5 days of water injection, the treated water being stored in temporary storage tanks.

    The purification system was started in the 17th of this month, but leaks and other glitches, on and off for a number of test run.

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