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Fire alert: highlight the ongoing rainy electrical fire hazards

    Affected by continuous rain, the number of fires last week, Suzhou continues to decline, housing, factories, transport, etc. Therefore, the fire reduced to varying degrees, corresponding to, open-air live equipment, the line of fire increased significantly. Recently, the City Public Security Fire fire statistics released last week, June 11 to June 17, 69 Suzhou City received a report from the fire, a decline of 32 cases, of which 50% of the way to return fire and lawn waste Alarming.

     Last week, weather factors, Suzhou City, open-air live equipment, the line of fire increased significantly, a total of 15 cases, the chain increased seven, mainly exposed wires, lights, poles, transformers and other fire. ratchet tie dowm Concern is that some units of electrical equipment due to failure to take appropriate protective measures, leading to the aging, short circuit and fire. June 15, then pull on a construction site in Kunshan wires short-circuited due to rainy weather, fire, high-tech zones due to plant relocation company Logitech, long-term aging of wires inside the vacant factory on fire, but fortunately were promptly extinguished.

     In addition, residential, transport and other fire significantly reduced the number is further reduced plant fire, occurred in 3 cases. It is understood that these three conditions are electronics factory fire fire. From the current cause of the fire, the main operational issues for the production of wire and cause failure.

     Last week, restaurants, construction sites are still sporadic fire, cause of the fire and the site is still the kitchen hood fire protection network. Fire Department reminds all units, to further strengthen the fire "four capacities", and raise fire safety awareness of employees. Fire department will also step up publicity in the next stage, such as Safety Month by the opportunity to carry out various forms, content-rich activities to ensure fire safety awareness deeply rooted.

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