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Japan's high temperature trigger power supply electricity crisis to challenge this summer

Japan's high temperature trigger power supply electricity crisis to challenge this summer

June 29,, Japan on the day of the temperature reached the highest 38.5 degrees Celsius, the time to summer day (more than 35 degrees for the National Day), the four people for heatstroke not died. According to the statistics, Tokyo electric power supply has reached the biggest day of 93%, from July 1 of the national mandatory power saving measures.

Since the first nuclear power plant fukushima after the accident, DuoGe units waste furnace, Tokyo electric power supply by tight, now for the Tokyo as a representative of the capital area power supply area can only supply 49 million kw largest. In order to avoid peak when suddenly loses power, the Japanese government will force in the capital circle from July 1, to September 22, six county northeast from July 1 to 9 September, Monday to Friday 9 am to every morning at 8 PM, electricity use in more than 500 power than usual big enterprise power saving 15%,ratchet tie dowm or will be 1 million yen the following fined; For the power consumption of the small and medium-sized enterprises under 500 power and family electricity, is also saves 15% electricity request.

Therefore, many large enterprise scratch for neither influence production and power saving method. Japanese auto industry association after the study of the main members, such as Toyota, Honda and nissan and other large car manufacturers put forward, July to September to adopt a "four or five rest" mode. The factory is July to September day of rest will double cease day to adjust by Thursday, Friday to power demand relatively few weekend production so as to control the daily peak power. It is reported, with the summer peak arrival in advance, many car production vendors have from 30 June began to implement the "four or five rest" mode.

And to all "environmental innovation enterprise" of professing panasonic company, also on June 30 specially set up headquarters, power saving to respond to the summer war power saving. Panasonic company told reporters in factory production, China, in addition to split shift production outside, they also introduced solar generator equipment; And set the energy saving, through the way of saving energy sensor to save electricity; In addition to a procuratorial group, and every day the sectors of production supervision power saving status.

And to occupy 30% family electricity power, and the Japanese government has called for power saving measures through all kinds of family. Such as suggested use electric fan replace air conditioner, family Will the strength of the refrigerator from high Settings to; Will the glorious degrees lower; TV Cut off not commonly used electrical power, etc. And in community, will the community library and citizen place open for summer, called for the inhabitants in concentration and the collective summer section. And such as electric cars and other public facilities, the subway by reducing the train after 3 PM, and to raise the temperature of the air conditioning in the tram to section.

And the northeast area FuDaoXian, GongChengXian, rock (hand) is also in compulsory saving electricity county plan area, this caused the disaster area a don't understand voice. Now there are still 90000 people living in shelters, many shelters have to through the way when the curtain will bamboo summer. And this earthquake caused the northeast three provinces of several factories and stop production, although Toyota and other companies are already took the lead in the April 18 to resume production. But the start of the summer on the power saving will naturally after an impact rehabilitation.

The Japanese government in order to avoid the summer peak sudden power outages, set the alarm, will be in power when the peak pressure approximation automatic alarm. But the Japanese government commitments, will no longer plan principle power, even if meet emergencies, temporary outage will also not more than two hours.

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